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HIF2A Variants Were Associated with Different Levels of High-Altitude Hypoxia among Native Tibetans

Hypoxia inducible factors, including HIF1A and HIF2A, play central roles in response to high-altitude hypoxia and genetic variants of HIF1A or HIF2A were associated with high-altitude sickness or adaptation. However, it remains to determine whether they are associated with tolerance to different levels of high-altitude selection pressure among native Tibetans. We recruited 189...

Latexin expression is downregulated in human gastric carcinomas and exhibits tumor suppressor potential

Background Latexin, also known as endogenous carboxypeptidase inhibitor (CPI), has been found to inhibit mouse stem cell populations and lymphoma cell proliferation, demonstrating its potential role as a tumor suppressor. Our previous study also suggested a correlation between latexin expression and malignant transformation of immortalized human gastric epithelial cells. Here, we...

Physiological Responses and Evaluation of Effects of BMI, Smoking and Drinking in High Altitude Acclimatization: A Cohort Study in Chinese Han Young Males

High altitude acclimatization is a series of physiological responses taking places when subjects go to altitude. Many factors could influence these processes, such as altitude, ascending speed and individual characteristics. In this study, based on a repeated measurement design of three sequential measurements at baseline, acute phase and chronic phase, we evaluated the effect of...