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Simulations of Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis: hypercharge U(1) and the creation of helical magnetic fields

We perform numerical simulations of Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis, including for the first time in the Bosonic sector the full electroweak gauge group SU(2) × U(1) and CP-violation. We find that the maximum generated baryon asymmetry is reduced by a factor of three relative to the SU(2)-only model of [1], but that the quench time dependence is very similar. In addition, we compute ...

Cold Baryogenesis from first principles in the two-Higgs doublet model with fermions

We present a first-principles numerical computation of the baryon asymmetry in electroweak-scale baryogenesis. For the scenario of Cold Baryogenesis, we consider a one fermion-family reduced CP-violating two Higgs-doublet model, including a classical SU(2)-gauge/two-Higgs sector coupled to one quantum left-handed fermion doublet and two right-handed singlets. Separately, the C(CP) ...