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Ursache für chronisches Rheuma identifiziert?

Messung könnten Ärzte eine gezielte Krankheitsprognose für einen Patienten stellen und eine individuelle, gezielte Therapie einleiten – und damit Rheumaschübe verhindern. (ajo) a ilt o o F v e il s a V x e

Deutschland hat Rücken — mancherorts besonders oft

erhalte. Es würden lediglich diagnostische Untersuchungen (wie z.B. MRT) gemacht. Diese Maßnahmen könnten jedoch auch ambulant erfolgen, so die Stiftung. (ajo) Saarland 80 Hamburg 77 Nordrhein-Westfalen 63

Streit um Terminservicestellen — Top oder Flop?

bewährt. Folglich fordern sie deren AbschaŸung. Auch die Kassen kritisieren o– die Kosten und den Verwaltungsaufwand für die Serviceste-l len. ajo/dpa

A portable bioelectronic sensing system (BESSY) for environmental deployment incorporating differential microbial sensing in miniaturized reactors

Phillips, and Lina Bird for helping us demonstrate the portability of the BESSY. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Alyssa Y. Zhou, Moshe Baruch, Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin, Michel M. Data curation ... : Alyssa Y. Zhou, Moshe Baruch. Formal analysis: Alyssa Y. Zhou, Moshe Baruch. Funding acquisition: Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin, Michel M. Maharbiz. Investigation: Alyssa Y. Zhou, Moshe Baruch. Methodology

A synthetic circuit for selectively arresting daughter cells to create aging populations

Arabidopsis thaliana into Saccharomyces cerevisiaes endogenous protein phosphorylation pathway to implement artificial cell-cell communication in yeast. Also using a modular approach, Ajo-Franklin et al. (11

Geophysical monitoring and reactive transport modeling of ureolytically-driven calcium carbonate precipitation

Ureolytically-driven calcium carbonate precipitation is the basis for a promising in-situ remediation method for sequestration of divalent radionuclide and trace metal ions. It has also been proposed for use in geotechnical engineering for soil strengthening applications. Monitoring the occurrence, spatial distribution, and temporal evolution of calcium carbonate precipitation in ...

Melanoma-associated Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan (MCSP)-targeted delivery of soluble TRAIL potently inhibits melanoma outgrowth in vitro and in vivo

Background Advanced melanoma is characterized by a pronounced resistance to therapy leading to a limited patient survival of ~6 - 9 months. Here, we report on a novel bifunctional therapeutic fusion protein, designated anti-MCSP:TRAIL, that is comprised of a melanoma-associated chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (MCSP)-specific antibody fragment (scFv) fused to soluble human TRAIL. ...