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Galactose-Alpha-1,3-Galactose, Mammalian Meat and Anaphylaxis: A World-Wide Phenomenon?

Mammalian meat allergy following tick bites is known to occur in Australia, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. Over the last decade, the condition has become increasingly prevalent in tick-endemic areas of Australia and the USA. In mammalian meat-allergic individuals, gelatine allergy and/or cow’s milk allergy may co-exist. Awareness of tick-induced...

Surgical Downstaging in an Open-Label Phase II Trial of Denosumab in Patients with Giant Cell Tumor of Bone

Background Surgical resection with curative intent for giant cell tumor of bone (GCTB) may be associated with severe morbidity. This interim analysis evaluated reduction in surgical invasiveness after denosumab treatment in patients with resectable GCTB. Methods Patients with primary or recurrent GCTB, for whom the initially planned surgery was associated with functional...

Patients' and Carers' Satisfaction with Hospital-in-the-Home Care

Melbourne, c/o Fairfield Hospital , Victoria, Australia Pergamon MB BS - Aim: Hospital-in-the-Home Units (HHUs) offer acute care, such as tbe administration of intravenous antibiotic therapy, to

The Lymphatic Anatomy of the Breast and its Implications for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: A Human Cadaver Study

Background Current understanding of the lymphatic system of the breast is derived mainly from the work of the anatomist Sappey in the 1850s, with many observations made during the development and introduction of breast lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy contributing to our knowledge. Methods Twenty four breasts in 14 fresh human cadavers (5 male, 9 female) were studied...