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A closed-circuit anesthesia ventilator facilitates significant reduction in sevoflurane consumption in clinical practice

Rashiq 0 BS . Ban C. H. Tsui 0 0 T. O ̈ zelsel, MD (&) S. H. Kim, RPh S. Rashiq, BM BS B. C. H. Tsui, MD Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Alberta , Edmonton, AB , Canada - To

Postmastectomy Radiotherapy: An American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society for Radiation Oncology, and Society of Surgical Oncology Focused Guideline Update

Purpose A joint American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society for Radiation Oncology, and Society of Surgical Oncology panel convened to develop a focused update of the American Society of Clinical Oncology guideline concerning use of postmastectomy radiotherapy (PMRT). Methods A recent systematic literature review by Cancer Care Ontario provided the primary evidentiary...

Surgical Downstaging in an Open-Label Phase II Trial of Denosumab in Patients with Giant Cell Tumor of Bone

Background Surgical resection with curative intent for giant cell tumor of bone (GCTB) may be associated with severe morbidity. This interim analysis evaluated reduction in surgical invasiveness after denosumab treatment in patients with resectable GCTB. Methods Patients with primary or recurrent GCTB, for whom the initially planned surgery was associated with functional...

No Difference in Reoperations at 2 Years Between Ceramic-on-metal and Metal-on-metal THA: A Randomized Trial

Background Hard-on-hard bearings for total hip arthroplasty continue to warrant analysis even though crosslinked polyethylene is performing very well. Ceramic-on-metal (CoM) has low in vitro wear and did well in an early clinical trial. We report on a prospective, randomized, multicenter investigational device trial comparing CoM with metal-on-metal (MoM). Questions/purposes (1...

Intraoperative awareness risk, anesthetic sensitivity, and anesthetic management for patients with natural red hair: a matched cohort study

. McNair, BS B. A. Fritz, BS M. S. Avidan , MBBCh (&) Department of Anesthesiology, Washington University in Saint Louis, School of Medicine , Campus Box 8054, 660 S. Euclid Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63110 , USA

Safety of chlorpromazine for postoperative nausea and vomiting

0 Tyler Mclaren, MD , William McKay, MD , Maher Al-Rawwaf, MB BS, Elmo Surtie, MB ChB Anesthesia, University of Saskatchewan , Saskatoon, SK, Canada - Introduction: Chlorpromazine (CPZ), the only

Deletions in chromosome 6p22.3-p24.3, including ATXN1, are associated with developmental delay and autism spectrum disorders

selection of large copy number variation . Genome Res 2010 , 20 : 1469 - 1481 . 37. Pinto D , Pagnamenta AT , Klei L , Anney R , Merico D , Regan R , Conroy J , Magalhaes TR , Correia C , Abrahams BS

Does intrathecal morphine alter the stress response following coronary artery bypass grafting surgery?

Constance MacLaren RN Allan McIntyre FRCPC Ri h r B rk r MB CHB FRCA FRCPC D vi Imri MB BS FFARCS FRCPC Christopher Allen MB BS FFARCS FRCPC John Gl nn MB CHB FRCPC Kenneth Fairhurst MB CHB FRCPC Ri ... h r M L r n MB BS FFARCS FRCPC Richard Hall MD FRCPC FCCP, Natasha Adderley MSc, Purpose: Intrathecal morphine administered prior to coronary artery revascularization (CABG) surgery was studied to

Selective spinal anesthesia for outpatient laparoscopy. III: Sufentanilvs lidocaine-sufentanil

Purpose: The efficacy of low dose intrathecal lidocaine-sufentanil was compared with intrathecal sufentanil for short duration outpatient gynecological laparoscopy. Methods: Thirteen ASA I and II patients undergoing gynecological laparoscopy were studied in a randomized double-blind trial. Patients received either intrathecal 10 mg lidocaine plus 10 µg sufentanil (Group LS) or...