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Out-of-pocket healthcare payments on chronic conditions impoverish urban poor in Bangalore, India

Background The burden of chronic conditions is on the rise in India, necessitating long-term support from healthcare services. Healthcare, in India, is primarily financed through out-of-pocket payments by households. Considering scarce evidence available from India, our study investigates whether and how out-of-pocket payments for outpatient care affect individuals with chronic...

Ascaris worm in the intercostal drainage bag: inadvertent intercostal tube insertion into jejunum: a case report

Inadvertent insertion of the intercostal tube into abdomen is not rare. It can present by different ways. In the present case an Ascaris worm crept into the intercostal drainage bag to reveal the false passage of the tube.

Molecular characterization and identification of members of the Anopheles subpictus complex in Sri Lanka

Background Anopheles subpictus sensu lato is a major malaria vector in South and Southeast Asia. Based initially on polytene chromosome inversion polymorphism, and subsequently on morphological characterization, four sibling species A-D were reported from India. The present study uses molecular methods to further characterize and identify sibling species in Sri Lanka. Methods...

Establishment and characterization of multicellular spheroids from a human glioma cell line; Implications for tumor therapy

Background Multicellular spheroids, an appropriate in vitro system for simulating 3-D tumor micro-milieu can be used for evaluating and predicting tumor response to therapeutic agents including metabolic inhibitors. However, detailed understanding of the nature, distribution and sensitivity/responses of cellular sub-populations to potential therapeutic agents/strategies is...