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Keine Empfehlung für Herpes-zoster-Impfung

zudem fast keinen Wirkverlust im Alter und wäre auch bei Immunschwäche einsetzbar. (geis)

Medical Image Data and Datasets in the Era of Machine Learning—Whitepaper from the 2016 C-MIMI Meeting Dataset Session

At the first annual Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging (C-MIMI), held in September 2016, a conference session on medical image data and datasets for machine learning identified multiple issues. The common theme from attendees was that everyone participating in medical image evaluation with machine learning is data starved. There is an urgent need to find better ...

Kein Plan beim Medikationsplan

jede Art von Eigenverantwortung abnimmt. Um nicht missverstanden zu werden: Selbstverständlich werden wir Ärztinnen und Ärzte unseren Patienten immer Dr. Dieter Geis Chef des Bayerischen

Economics as Context for Contract Law (reviewing Framing Contract Law: An Economic Perspective by Victor Goldberg)

, to reduce the cost of gathering additional information). 10 See, for example, George S. Geis, An Embedded Options Theory of Indefinite Contracts, 90 Minn L Rev 1664, 1669 (2006) (showing how "an ... theoretically provide sound economic results. Even assuming, then, that lawmakers are able and willing to 72 1 have explored some of these tradeoffs elsewhere. See generally George S. Geis, An Experiment in the

Significant Association of Urinary Toxic Metals and Autism-Related Symptoms—A Nonlinear Statistical Analysis with Cross Validation

curation: JBA VF DPH. Formal analysis: JBA DPH JH UK. Funding acquisition: JBA. 20 / 24 Investigation: JBA DPH JH UK E. Geis E. Gehn VF EP JM JI RH DQ. Methodology: JBA DPH JH UK. Project administration ... : JBA JH. Resources: JBA DQ. Software: DPH UK. Supervision: JBA JH. Validation: DPH VF. Visualization: DPH. Writing ± original draft: JBA DPH JH. Writing ± review & editing: JBA DPH JH UK E. Geis E

Publication of the Names of Juvenile Felons

ISRAEL 245, 252 (Smilansky et. al. ed. 1960). Geis: PMuOblNicTatAioNnAof tLhAeWNamResEoVfIJEuvWenile Felons offenders. In Britain, the juvenile court adheres more closely than in the United States to the

Acute tetraparesis secondary to bilateral precentral gyral cerebral ischemia: a case report

Introduction Sudden tetraparesis represents a neurological emergency and is most often caused by traumatic spinal cord injury, spinal epidural bleeding or brainstem ischemia and less frequently by medial disc herniation or spinal ischemia. Case presentation Here we report the rare case of an 82-year-old Caucasian man who developed severe tetraparesis four days after radical ...

Collaborating to Deter Potential Public Enemies: Social Science and the Law

.”); Gilbert Geis, Sociology and Sociological Jurisprudence: Admixture of Lore and Law , 52 KY. L.J. 267 ( 1964 ). 6. Brown v. Board of Education , 347 U.S. 483 , 494 - 95 & n. 11 ( 1954 ) (citing sociological

Online \(^{222}\) Rn removal by cryogenic distillation in the XENON100 experiment

. Eurin 12 J. Fei 9 A. D. Ferella 24 A. Fieguth 5 D. Franco 25 W. Fulgione 7 15 A. Gallo Rosso 15 M. Galloway 25 F. Gao 18 M. Garbini 23 C. Geis 22 L. W. Goetzke 18 L. Grandi 3 Z. Greene 18 C. Grignon 22 C

Introduction: White-Collar and Corporate Crime in Asia

Henry N. Pontell Gilbert Geis In this introduction to this special issue of the Journal we broadly consider the problem of white-collar and corporate crime in Asia. Official reports from China show ... and Geis 2007). Though Sutherlands ground-breaking monograph, White Collar Crime, published ten years after his presidential address, was translated into Japanese (Sutherland 1955), the subject has

Atheroprotection through SYK inhibition fails in established disease when local macrophage proliferation dominates lesion progression

Macrophages in the arterial intima sustain chronic inflammation during atherogenesis. Under hypercholesterolemic conditions murine Ly6Chigh monocytes surge in the blood and spleen, infiltrate nascent atherosclerotic plaques, and differentiate into macrophages that proliferate locally as disease progresses. Spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) may participate in downstream signaling of ...

Removing krypton from xenon by cryogenic distillation to the ppq level

The XENON1T experiment aims for the direct detection of dark matter in a detector filled with 3.3 tons of liquid xenon. In order to achieve the desired sensitivity, the background induced by radioactive decays inside the detector has to be sufficiently low. One major contributor is the \(\beta \)-emitter \(^{85}\)Kr which is present in the xenon. For XENON1T a concentration of ...

Medical Imaging Informatics: How It Improves Radiology Practice Today

J. Raymond Geis BFaster better cheaper...[ Business paradigm Private practice radiologists' mantra From Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, PC, 2008 Caribou Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA ... . Correspondence to: J. Raymond Geis, MD, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, PC, 2008 Caribou Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA; tel: +1-970-4844757; fax: +1-9702291554; e-mail: Copyright * 2007 by Society for

Non-Invasive Prenatal Chromosomal Aneuploidy Testing - Clinical Experience: 100,000 Clinical Samples

Objective As the first laboratory to offer massively parallel sequencing-based noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for fetal aneuploidies, Sequenom Laboratories has been able to collect the largest clinical population experience data to date, including >100,000 clinical samples from all 50 U.S. states and 13 other countries. The objective of this study is to give a robust clinical ...

Business Outsourcing and the Agency Cost Problem

COST PROBLEM George S. Geis* INTRODUCTION .................................................. I. THE RISE OF BUSINESS OUTSOURCING ...................... A. B. The Offshoring and OutsourcingExplosion ... Outsourcing............... © 2007 George S. Geis. Individuals and nonprofit institutions may reproduce and distribute copies of this Article in any format, at or below cost, for educational purposes, so long as

Optical properties of Au−Pt−Pd-based high noble dental alloys

The effects of the addition of various alloying elements (In, Sn, Zn) of up to 4 mass % on the optical properties of Au-Pt-Pd-based high noble dental alloys were investigated by means of spectrophotometric colourimetry. Spectral reflectance data from the mirror-polished flat samples were collected at 10 nm intervals in the wavelengths ranging from 360 nm to 740 nm under the CIE ...