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BMP type II receptor as a therapeutic target in pulmonary arterial hypertension

cell; Signal transduction; Inflammation; Vascular remodeling and autophagy - Mar Orriols and Maria Catalina Gomez-Puerto the authors have contributed equally to this work. RV SMC TGF-β TNFα Pulmonary

Optical system for measuring the spectral retardance function in an extended range

Background Optical retarders are key elements for the control of the state of polarization of light, and their wavelength dependance is of great importance in a number of applications. Methods We apply a well-known technique for determinig the spectral retardance by measuring the transmission spectra between crossed or parallel polarizers. But we we develop an optical system to...

Advanced breast cancer clinical nursing curriculum: review and recommendations

´ ngeles Pen˜ uelas declares consultancy work for Novartis Oncology. Mar´ıa del Mar Jime´nez declares consultancy work for Novartis Oncology. Dr. Alvaro Rodriguez-Lescure declares no conflict of interest ... :// dance/cg81. Accessed 19 Mar 2015 . 7. Elaboracio´n de Gu´ıas de Pra´ctica Cl´ınica en el Sistema Nacional de Salud. Manual Metodolo´gico . In: Plan de Calidad del Sistema Nacional de Salud. 2007

Beyond objective testing and peer assessment: alternative ways of assessment in MOOCs

María del Mar Sánchez-Vera Senior lecturer in the Department of Didactics and School Organisation of the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia and member of the Research into Educational

Liposomal cytarabine in central nervous system disease of haematological malignancies: more effective but more toxic?

Mar Tormo Daz 0 0 M. Tormo Daz ( ) Hematology and Oncology Service Clinic Universitary Hospital and INCLIVA Health Research Institute Av. Blasco Ibez 17 ES-46010 Valencia , Spain - Ious

A Prospective Evaluation of Missed Injuries in Trauma Patients, Before and After Formalising the Trauma Tertiary Survey

Objective This study prospectively evaluated in-hospital and postdischarge missed injury rates in admitted trauma patients, before and after the formalisation of a trauma tertiary survey (TTS) procedure. Methods Prospective before-and-after cohort study. TTS were formalised in a single regional level II trauma hospital in November 2009. All multitrauma patients admitted between...

Involvement of free radicals in breast cancer

Researchers have recently shown an increased interest in free radicals and their role in the tumor microenvironment. Free radicals are molecules with high instability and reactivity due to the presence of an odd number of electrons in the outermost orbit of their atoms. Free radicals include reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, which are key players in the initiation and...

University Students’ Attitudes Towards and Expectations of the Educational Use of Social Networks

RUSC 1698-580X CC Cinta Espuny, Juan González, Mar Lleixà and Mercè Gisbert 0 1. Doctors Cinta Espuny, Juan González and Mercè Gisbert belong to ARGET (Applied Research Group in Education and