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Multiskilling: The Quiet Revolution in Healthcare Education and Training

Training Jenny Auger Maw’ Catherine M. Sleezer healthcare trends that drive the need for multiskilling, (b) perspectives from the multiskflling literature, and (c) a case study describing the use of ... providing care and increase patient satisfaction. ‘Jenny Auger Maw is Corporate Vice President, Organizational Development, HillCrest Health Care System, Tulsa, OK; Catherine M. SIeezer, Ph. D., is Assistant

Teaching Health Occupations for a Networked World

St Thomas , St. Paul, MN; Jill R. Hough , Principal of Alternative Environments, Stillwater, OK; Jenny Auger-Maw, Vice President, Organizational Development, Hillcrest HealthCare System , Tulsa, OK ... . Hougb Jenny Auger-Maw and observes that networking among units is becoming more prevalent. Given the . interdependence inherent in fully networked organizations, systems thinking is introduced as a

Nursing Now: WHO will Frauen in der Pflege stärker fördern

westlichen Krankenp ege und als ein ussreiche Reformerin des Sanitätswesens und der Gesundheitsfürsorge in Großbritannien gilt. (maw) Alles richtig? Die korrekten Antworten der P egeKollegs aus HEILBERUFE 10

Mit Pflegetagebuch besser vorbereiten

, so der Verband. Genannt werden auch bundesweite Kontaktadressen des Sozialverbandes. (maw) egetagebuch Alles richtig? Die korrekten Antworten der P egeKollegs aus HEILBERUFE 7-8/2017 lauten

Roboter für Lasten

sie sich sogar zur Beschäftigung und als Gesprächspartner vorstellen. (maw) — P egeheime stehen zurzeit wirtschaftlich besser da als Kliniken. Nur bei wenigen ist die Insolvenzgefahr groß

Innovative Pilotprojekte ausgezeichnet

große Potenzial von O™enheit für unsere Gesellschaft wider. (maw)

Impacts of Microphysics Schemes and Topography on the Prediction of the Heavy Rainfall in Western Myanmar Associated with Tropical Cyclone ROANU (2016)

; Published 25 September 2017 Academic Editor: Mario M. Miglietta Copyright © 2017 Khin Win Maw and Jinzhong Min. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License

The mediating role of psychological symptoms on falls risk among older adults with osteoarthritis

The mediating role of psychological symptoms on falls risk among older adults with osteoarthritis Sumaiyah Mat,1 Chin Teck Ng,1–3 Farhana Fadzil,4 Faizatul Izza Rozalli,4 Maw Pin Tan1,5 1Ageing and

„Rollende Arztpraxis“ für Flüchtlinge

langfristigen Versorgungsansatz, der auch akut für Sondersituationen eingesetzt werden kann.“ (maw) Mykobakterien sind die Erreger der Tbc - Das Gesundheitsamt Reutlingen entwickelte ein Konzept, um

Optimal timing of blastocyst vitrification after trophectoderm biopsy for preimplantation genetic screening

, Chun-Chia Huang, Tsung-Hsien Lee. Data curation: Hsiu-Hui Chen, Lee-Feng Chien. Formal analysis: Hsiu-Hui Chen. Funding acquisition: Maw-Sheng Lee. Methodology: Hsiu-Hui Chen, Chun-Chia Huang, En-Hui ... Cheng. Project administration: Chun-Chia Huang, Maw-Sheng Lee. Resources: En-Hui Cheng, Maw-Sheng Lee. Supervision: Maw-Sheng Lee. Writing ± original draft: Hsiu-Hui Chen. Writing ± review & editing

Warpage behavior analysis in package processes of embedded copper substrates

With the advance of the semiconductor industry and in response to the demands of ultra-thin products, packaging technology has been continuously developed. Thermal bonding process of copper pillar flip chip packages is a new bonding process in packaging technology, especially for substrates with embedded copper trace. During the packaging process, the substrate usually warps...

Heilpraktiker muss nicht an Arzt zurückverweisen

schlechter ging. Der Kläger hätte auch als Laie die Notwendigkeit eines erneuten Arztbesuchs erkennen müssen, so die Richter. ■maw/chy

Microstructural integrity of white matter tracts amongst older fallers: A DTI study

Objectives This study assesses the whole brain microstructural integrity of white matter tracts (WMT) among older individuals with a history of falls compared to non-fallers. Methods 85 participants (43 fallers, 42 non-fallers) were evaluated with conventional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) sequences of the brain. DTI metrics were obtained from selected WMT using tract...


, please contact 1 National University of Singapore , Singapore 2 University of Bologna , Italy 3 CONTACT: Daniela Bolzani 4 Daniela Bolzani, University of Bologna, Italy Maw Der Foo, National University of ... Singapore , Singapore 5 39-051-2098085; Department of Management, University of Bologna; 34, Via Capo di Lucca, 40126 Bologna , Italy Recommended Citation Bolzani, Daniela and Der Foo, Maw (2015

Novel Encoding and Routing Balance Insertion Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Application to Optimal CVRP Depot Location Determination

2014; Revised 10 April 2015; Accepted 15 April 2015 Academic Editor: Kuo-Ming Chao Copyright © 2015 Ruey-Maw Chen and Yin-Mou Shen. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative

Persuasive and engaging design of a Smartphone App for cycle commuting

This article presents results from a pilot study addressed to investigate the design of behavior change intervention using smartphones for cycle commuting. In this specific case, a smartphone app, BikeTogether, was developed to encourage and support its users to cycle home with each other over the Internet. The app employs the metaphor of a bicycle flashlight to represent...


an authorized editor of Digital Knowledge at Babson. For more information , please contact 3 CONTACT: Sid Saleh 4 Sid H. Saleh, University of Colorado Boulder, USA Maw Der Foo, National University of