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Evaluation of phenotypic and functional stability of RAW 264.7 cell line through serial passages

Taciak. Data curation: Bartøomiej Taciak. Formal analysis: Bartøomiej Taciak, Maciej Biaøasek. Funding acquisition: Bartøomiej Taciak. Investigation: Bartøomiej Taciak, Zuzanna Sas, Paulina Sawicka ... , èukasz Kiraga. Methodology: Bartøomiej Taciak, Agata Braniewska, Zuzanna Sas, Paulina Sawicka. Project administration: Bartøomiej Taciak. Resources: Bartøomiej Taciak. Software: Maciej Biaøasek

Is there a relationship between the morphology of the forewing axillary sclerites and the way the wing folds in aphids (Aphidomorpha, Sternorrhyncha, Hemiptera)?

The present study describes the relationship between the morphology of the forewing axillary sclerites and the way the wings fold among 24 aphid genera as compared to a representative of coccids. Architecture of the forewing base was imaged with scanning electron and optical (fluorescence) microscopy. Significant differences in morphology of axillary sclerites between aphid...

Preoperative short-course radiotherapy in rectal cancer patients: results and prognostic factors

Wszołek 0 Beata Sas-Korczyńska 0 0 Krakow Branch, Department of Oncology, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology , ul. Garncarska 11, 31-115 Kraków , Poland 1 Tomasz Skóra

Energy-based analysis of permanent strain behaviour of cohesive soil under cyclic loading

2014; Feng et al. 2015; Cai et al. 2015; Sas et al. 2014, 2015) . The most extensive studies were focused on liquefaction phenomena because of the danger that can be caused by its appearance (Kokusho

Ecological strategy for soil contaminated with mercury

presence of ammonia (Merckoquant tests) (Sas-Nowosielska et al. 2008) and hydrogen sulphide were recorded in each tube. The results were correlated with probability tables. The MPN of the bacterial ... uptake in soil from the chlor-alkali plant (Sas-Nowosielska et al. 2008) which was explained as a positive bioremediation effect on soil mercury. The obtained results (Table 7) showed a positive effect

Effect of Time on Dynamic Shear Modulus of Selected Cohesive Soil of One Section of Express Way No. S2 in Warsaw

resonant column apparatus successfully used in this research was manufactured by British company GDS Instruments Ltd (GDS 2010). The device is presented in detail by Sas and Gabry (2012), and Gabry et al ... - General Rules , European Prestandard ENV. Gabry , K. , W. Sas, and A. Szyma ski ( 2013 ), Resonant column apparatus as a device for dynamic testing of cohesive soils , Prz. Nauk. In . Kszta t. rod. 59 , 3

Analysis of the Behavior of Mitochondria in the Ovaries of the Earthworm Dendrobaena veneta Rosa 1839

We examined six types of cells that form the ovary of the earthworm Dendrobena veneta ogonia, prooocytes, vitellogenic oocytes, trophocytes, fully grown postvitellogenic oocytes and somatic cells of the gonad. The quantitative stereological method revealed a much higher “volume density” of mitochondria in all of the types of germ-line cells except for the somatic cells...

Organisation of the endosperm and endosperm–placenta syncytia in bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae) with emphasis on the microtubule arrangement

Multinucleate cells play an important role in higher plants, especially during reproduction; however, the configurations of their cytoskeletons, which are formed as a result of mitosis without cytokinesis, have mainly been studied in coenocytes. Previous authors have proposed that in spite of their developmental origin (cell fusion or mitosis without cytokinesis), in...