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The influence of metabolic imbalances and oxidative stress on the outcome of critically ill polytrauma patients: a review

OH . Advances in biomarkers in critical ill polytrauma patients . Clin Lab . 2016 ; 62 ( 6 ): 977 - 86 . 26. Rogobete AF , Bedreag OH , Popovici SE , Sas AM , Stan AT , Stoicescu ER , et al. Detection

Transversal incision of the vagina favors the remaining of the tape in the middle-third urethra compared to longitudinal incision during transobturator sling procedures for stress urinary incontinence

and Gynecology Timisoara County Hospital. The author presents interest and expertise in urogynecology, and has published many articles in the field of urogynecology. I. Sas–PhD, Senior Consultant and

Passive transfer of collagen XVII-specific antibodies induces sustained blistering disease in adult mice

Background Bullous pemphigoid is a subepidermal blistering disorder associated with tissue-bound and circulating autoantibodies directed mainly to the hemidesmosomal component collagen XVII. While recapitulating the main immunopathological features of the human disease, frank skin blistering does not develop in the absence of skin rubbing in experimental pemphigoid models that...