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Ecological strategy for soil contaminated with mercury

presence of ammonia (Merckoquant tests) (Sas-Nowosielska et al. 2008) and hydrogen sulphide were recorded in each tube. The results were correlated with probability tables. The MPN of the bacterial ... uptake in soil from the chlor-alkali plant (Sas-Nowosielska et al. 2008) which was explained as a positive bioremediation effect on soil mercury. The obtained results (Table 7) showed a positive effect

An enhanced weighted performance-based handover parameter optimization algorithm for LTE networks

This article introduces an enhanced version of previously developed self-optimizing algorithm that controls the handover (HO) parameters of a long-term evolution base station in order to diminish and prevent the negative effects that can be introduced by HO (radio link failures, HO failures and ping-pong HOs) and thus improve the overall network performance. The default algorithm...