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Binaural localization of musical pitch using interaural time differences in congenital amusia

Naturally occurring sounds are routinely periodic. The ability to phase-lock to such periodicity facilitates pitch perception and interaural time differences (ITDs) determination in binaural localization. We examined whether deficient pitch processing in individuals with congenital amusia (tone deafness) is accompanied by impaired ability to lateralize musical pitch at auditory...

Methods for detecting methylation by SNP interaction in GAW20 simulation

To examine whether single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) by methylation interactions can be detected, we analyzed GAW20 simulated triglycerides at visits 3 and 4 against baseline (visits 1 and 2) under 4 general linear models and 2 tree-based models in 200 replications of a sample of 680 individuals. Effects for SNPs, methylation cytosine-phosphate-guanine (CpG) effects, and...

Thinking of attachment figures blocks differential fear conditioning

Thinking of attachment figures can potentially impact acquisition and extinction of fear memories. In this study, 50 participants underwent a fear conditioning and extinction paradigm. Half the participants thought about a supportive attachment figure and half thought about a non-attachment positive experience prior to the fear conditioning. All participants then underwent a...