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If you are an editor or publisher of Open Access journals, "gold" or "hybrid", and want to raise their exposure to reach broader audience and maximize impact, you can request their inclusion in Paperity.

Paperity is the central hub where researchers, scholars, students and the general public from around the world can find and read open literature spanning all academic disciplines. Paperity partners with EBSCO, OCLC / WorldCat and Altmetric to improve discoverability of journals and papers. The journals also benefit from enhanced anti-plagiarism protection thanks to our cooperation with and See the About page for more details.

To request inclusion, you can either use the Submit Journal form below, or fill out the Submission spreadsheet and send it to: journals(at) The latter is particularly recommended for submitting a group of journals.

After submission, if the journal is eligible for inclusion and there is technical feasibility to add it to Paperity, we will notify the submitter with a price quote and time estimate. Note that, due to the growing number of requests we have been receiving in recent time, the possibility of unpaid inclusion was suspended for now and we expect every journal to cover the initial cost of its integration into the automated indexing process of Paperity.