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Review of Charles W. Mills

By Steve Ross, Published on 01/22/19

Antinatalism and Moral Particularism

By Gerald K. Harrison, Published on 01/22/19

The Duty to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Limits of Permissible Procreation

Many environmental philosophers have argued that there is an obligation for individuals to reduce their individual carbon footprints. However, few of them have addressed whether this obligation would entail a corresponding duty to limit one’s family size. In this paper, I examine several reasons that one might view procreative acts as an exception to a more general duty to reduce...

Is There an Obligation to Abort? Act Utilitarianism and the Ethics of Procreation

Most Act-Utilitarians, including Singer are Permissivists who claim that their theory usually permits abortion. In contrast, a minority, including Hare and Tännsjö, are Restrictionists who assert that Act-Utilitarianism (AU) usually limits abortion. I argue that both Permissivists and Restrictionists have misunderstood AU’s radical implications for abortion: AU entails that...

More Co-parents, Fewer Children: Multiparenting and Sustainable Population

Some philosophers argue that we should limit procreation – for instance, to one child per person or one child per couple – in order to reduce our aggregate carbon footprint. I provide additional support to the claim that population size is a matter of justice, by explaining that we have a duty of justice towards the current generation of children to pass on to them a sustainable...