List of Papers (Total 138)

Martial IV.29 by Martial

Translated from Latin by George Held.

Four Poems from The Divine Way Station by Shaojun Li

Translated from Chinese by Shelley Kristina Hu: At Dusk The Divine Way Station Confession Green Jade

Five Poems from Miss Suki, or America is not far by Utz Rachowski

The five short poems selected from Utz Rachowski’s (1954- ) 2013 volume Miss Suki oder Amerika ist nicht weit! mark a shift in his poetic work. His poetry and prose focus almost exclusively on life in the former German Democratic Republic. During the time the GDR existed, his critical poems were cause for his arrest and imprisonment and eventual exile to West Germany. Rachowski...

Two Poems by Robert Desnos

Translated from French by Armine Kotin Mortimer: So often have I dreamt of you No, love has not died

Poems by Rilke, Catullus, and Baudelaire

Translated by Susan McLean: From German - Die Erblindende (The Woman Going Blind) by Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) From Latin - Catullus 11 by Catullus (c.84 - c.54 BC) From French - Les Deux Bonnes Sœurs (The Two Sisters of Mercy) and Bien loin d'ici (Very Far from Here) by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)

Four Poems by Yu Xiuhua

Translated from Chinese by Xinlu Yan: My Dog, Little Wu I Crossed Half of China to Lay You An Evening in Early Winter I Please This world With Pains

Three Poems by Alfred de Musset

Translated from French by Zack Rogow: To Ulric G. I love the first shiver of winter Venice

Three Poems from The Fabric of the Universe by Andrée Chedid

Translated from French by Kathryn Kimball: Still Here Passing Through Growing Old VI Dying IV

Four Poems in Diverse Styles by Natsume Sōseki

Translated from Japanese by Erik Lofgren.

Three Laisses from the Franco-Italian Song of Roland

These three laisses, that is, decasyllabic verse-paragraphs of various lengths whose lines end with the same assonance, are from the thirteenth-century Franco-Italian version of The Song of Roland, known as the V4 manuscript of St. Mark's Church, Venice. They illustrate creative thirteenth-century innovations, in a slightly different language, added to the much better known...

Four Poems by Yoshiko Hanabusa

Translated from Japanese by Rina Kikuchi: The State of My Day Fallen Blossom Over the Winter Mountains The Battle of Sparrows

Better Left Unsaid and other poems

Translated from Classical Greek by John Brugaletta: Better Left Unsaid by Philodemus (110-35 BC) Still Young by Philodemus Le Moment Psychologique by Rufinus (340-410 AD)

Six Poems from Cargo of Stars — Coolitude by Khal Torabully

Translated from French by Nancy Naomi Carlson: I refuse I have faith in the rhythm of waves I know the echo No grammar can express My cargo mother-of-pearl Night will shower the hidden flowers

Three Inscriptions for Paintings by Yao Nai

Translated from Chinese by Andrew Gudgel.

Four Poems from Thorny Roses by Ichinohe Kenzō

Translated from Japanese by Joshua Solomon: Thorny Roses Sand Pear Petals Rice Fish Early Spring Author acknowledges Ito Yumiko of Tsugaru Shobo for securing translation and publication rights.

Four Poems from To Young Utari by Yaeko Batchelor

Translated from Ainu and Japanese by Laurel Taylor: Wild stag... Had I even... Raised on... My utari...

The End of the World and other poems

Translated from German by Gregory Divers: The End of the World by Jakob van Hoddis The Dreaming Man by Jakob van Hoddis natura morta by Yaak Karsunke dazzling deception by Yaak Karsunke

Four Poems by Yang Chia-hsien

Translated from Chinese by Tina Z. Shan: Waltzing Violence The Drill Breakfast on Pluto The Keepsake