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Body mass index relates weight to height differently in women and older adults: serial cross-sectional surveys in England (1992–2011)

Background Body mass index (BMI) tends to be higher among shorter adults, especially women. The dependence of BMI–height correlation on age and calendar time may inform us about temporal determinants of BMI.

Use of programme budgeting and marginal analysis as a framework for resource reallocation in respiratory care in North Wales, UK

Background Since the global financial crisis, UK NHS spending has reduced considerably. Respiratory care is a large cost driver for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, the largest health board in Wales. Under the remit of ‘prudent healthcare’ championed by the Welsh Health Minister, a Programme Budgeting Marginal Analysis (PBMA) of the North Wales respiratory care pathway...

Barriers and facilitators to uptake of the school-based HPV vaccination programme in an ethnically diverse group of young women

Background To identify the barriers and facilitators to uptake of the HPV vaccine in an ethnically diverse group of young women in the south west of England.

Exploring equity in uptake of the NHS Health Check and a nested physical activity intervention trial

Background Socio-demographic factors characterizing disadvantage may influence uptake of preventative health interventions such as the NHS Health Check and research trials informing their content.

Do health checks improve risk factor detection in primary care? Matched cohort study using electronic health records

Background To evaluate the effect of NHS Health Checks on cardiovascular risk factor detection and inequalities.

Experiences of patients and healthcare professionals of NHS cardiovascular health checks: a qualitative study

Background NHS Health Checks are a national cardiovascular risk assessment and management programme in England and Wales. We examined the experiences of patients attending and healthcare professionals (HCPs) conducting NHS Health Checks.

The role of public law-based litigation in tobacco companies’ strategies in high-income, FCTC ratifying countries, 2004–14

Background Tobacco companies use a host of strategies to undermine public health efforts directed to reduce and eliminate smoking. The success, failure and trends in domestic litigation used by tobacco companies to undermine tobacco control are not well understood, with commentators often assuming disputes are trade related or international in nature. We analyse domestic legal...

Development of a lifestyle intervention using the MRC framework for diabetes prevention in people with impaired glucose regulation

Background We report development of a group-based lifestyle intervention, Let's Prevent, using the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) framework, and delivered by structured education to prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in people with impaired glucose regulation (IGR) in a UK multi-ethnic population.

Maternal obesity in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Background Maternal obesity is emerging as a public health problem, recently highlighted together with maternal under-nutrition as a ‘double burden’, especially in African countries undergoing social and economic transition. This systematic review was conducted to investigate the current evidence on maternal obesity in Africa.

The impact of economic downturns and budget cuts on homelessness claim rates across 323 local authorities in England, 2004–12

Background It is unclear why rates of homelessness claims in England have risen since 2010. We used variations in rates across local authorities to test the impact of economic downturns and budget cuts.

A realist synthesis of the evidence on outreach programmes for health improvement of Traveller Communities

Background Improving the health of Traveller Communities is an international public health concern but there is little evidence on effective interventions. This study aimed to explain how, for whom and in what circumstances outreach works in Traveller Communities.

Truancy and teenage pregnancy in English adolescent girls: can we identify those at risk?

Background Truancy has been linked to risky sexual behaviours in teenagers. However, no studies in England have examined the association between truancy and teenage pregnancy, and the use of truancy as a marker of teenagers at risk of pregnancy.

Prostate cancer mortality in Serbia, 1991–2010: a joinpoint regression analysis

Background: The aim of this descriptive epidemiological study was to analyze the mortality trend of prostate cancer in Serbia (excluding the Kosovo and Metohia) from 1991 to 2010.

Does government spending help to promote healthy behavior in the population? Evidence from 27 European countries

Background The aim of this study was to examine if government spending is associated with an individual's decision to participate in physical activity and sport which is regarded as healthy behavior given the positive health effects documented in previous research.

A qualitative study of the impact of the UK ‘bedroom tax’

Background The implementation of the ‘Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy’ in April 2013, commonly known as the ‘bedroom tax’, affects an estimated 660 000 working age social housing tenants in the UK, reducing weekly incomes by £12–£22. This study aimed to examine the impact of this tax on health and wellbeing in a North East England community in which 68.5% of residents live in...

Community organizing and community health: piloting an innovative approach to community engagement applied to an early intervention project in south London

Background The importance of community engagement in health is widely recognized, and key themes in UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommendations for enhancing community engagement are co-production and community control. This study reports an innovative approach to community engagement using the community-organizing methodology, applied in an...

Analysis of hospital admissions due to accidental non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning in England, between 2001 and 2010

Background Accidental non-fire-related (ANFR) carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is a cause of fatalities and hospital admissions. This is the first study that describes the characteristics of ANFR CO hospital admissions in England.

Risk factors for overweight and overfatness in rural South African children and adolescents

Background To determine risk factors for overweight/overfatness in children and adolescents from rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Evaluating sexual health planning for the London 2012 Olympics

Background The public health impact of mass gatherings should not be underestimated, requiring careful planning. This evaluation identified the successes and failures of a programme targeted to mitigate against potential increases in sexual ill health during the London 2012 Olympics.

Editor's choice: An estimation of periconceptional under-reporting of dietary energy intake

Background The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to examine periconceptional misreporting of energy intake (EI) using the Willet food frequency questionnaire (WFFQ).

Descriptive normative beliefs and the self-regulation in alcohol use among Slovak university students

Aim This study aims (i) to understand how descriptive normative beliefs (DNB) about typical students' alcohol use and self-regulation (SRG) are related to alcohol use (AU) by exploring the indirect effect of SRG on AU through DNB and (ii) to explore gender differences and the differences between universities in DNB, SRG and AU.

Dementia in the USA: state variation in prevalence

Background The number of dementia patients will increase over the next decades. However, we lack information on the geographic distribution of these patients. We aimed to describe the variation of dementia prevalence and to then compare the observed to expected prevalence.