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‘Social literature swindlers’: the r/evolutionary controversy in interwar Yugoslav literature

Political and literary controversies on the Yugoslav literary left, known as Sukob na ljevici (Conflict on the left), remain famous for their culmination points, such as Miroslav Krleža’s book of essays Moj obračun s njima (My reckoning with them, 1932), his “Predgovor Podravskim motivima Krste Hegedušića” (The foreword to the Podravina motives by Krsto Hegedušić, 1933), Bogomir...


The fictive reflex: a fresh look at reflexiveness and narrative representation

Reflexiveness in literary contexts tends to be assimilated to self-reference; to the various ways in which a work may foreground the artifice and conventionality of its own features as representation, narrative or language. In this sense it is equated with metafiction, and regarded as a sophisticated and highly self-conscious use of narrative; here, however, I offer a contrary...





“The Rhetorics of Space”: Introduction

The group of articles here assembled and entitled “The Rhetorics of Space” describes a specific re-appropriation of the concept Steven Mullaney so dubbed. The phenomenon, in the present context, refers to the trans-national discourse of nationalism(s) and its “cultural inscriptions” in space. Variations of the rhetoric of space characterize some nation-states’ capitals, namely...