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Justice in the Philippines: A Checkered Past with Implications for the Future

Human rights issues remain commonplace throughout the world, but the transition from authoritarian to democratic regimes often exposes these abuses. Once a new democracy is established, the entire country is forced to reckon with abuses from the past. The different routes that countries take in these instances represent the growing field of transitional justice. Transitional...

Educating Latin American Baseball Players:How MLB Should Protect Their Players for After Their Careers

Latin American players represent approximately one third of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) signed players. These players often do not possess a basic high school diploma before they are signed to a contract. While the MLB capitalizes on Latino players during their careers, the organization fails to show concern for their players’ post-baseball success and opportunities. By...

Constitutional Theory & The Political Process

Constitutional Theory is at the center of legal and political debates in the United States. In recent decades, legal scholars and politicians alike increasingly treat their respective theories of interpretation as articles as faith. From originalism, to textualism, to treating the constitution as a “living document,” many contend that their theory is better than the others and...

The Quest for Diversity in Higher Education

An increasing number of American institutions of higher education now include some mention of “diversity” in their mission statements. A survey of the research literature on higher education also reveals the cultural pervasiveness of this topic. But the exact meaning of diversity is often unclear, and its proper application is frequently debated. Broadly understood, diversity is...

The Connection Between Mass Shootings and Domestic Violence

Twelve of the twenty-five deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history have all occurred since 2012, with five of the top ten having occurred since 2015. Given the increased frequency and intensity of mass gun violence in recent years, this paper analyzes many of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, dating from 1966 to 2018, in order to examine the motivations of the...

Automated Vehicles and the Environment

By Joshua Amberg, Published on 05/10/18

America's State of Readiness against Bioterrorism

By Cameron Funk, Published on 05/10/18

Politics of the Global Economy "Brexit

By Zachary Hayes, Published on 05/10/18

Ireland and the Economic Impacts of Brexit

By Abigail Wordin, Published on 05/10/18

Reflecting Back on the Ebola Outbreak and the Future of Bioterrorism

In the wake of the 2014 Ebola outbreak, policy makers have focused on the public health components which led to the outbreak, the efforts to control it, and mitigate the impact of the outbreak. Some of the most enlightening aspects of the outbreak, pertain to National Security. The crisis demonstrated some crucial challenges the United States would have to plan for to effectively...

Book Review of Philip K. Howard's "The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government"

This Book Review gives prospective readers a small taste of Philip K. Howard's 2014 book on changing America's morale and government. The author highlights some of the best arguments and attributes of the book, balancing it against the more ambitious and hasty ones.

A Constitutional and Efficacious Analysis of Affirmative Action Policies

After several Supreme Court cases, university admissions processes, and state/federal policies, affirmative action programs are under several layers of scrutiny. This paper explores how court precedent and research studies have both shaped policies and raised substantive questions about whether or not these programs are effective and equitable.

Solving Human Trafficking Between Mexico and the United States

Human trafficking is a complex issue in the twenty-first century. Trafficking in persons is a major human rights violation that leads to exploitation of vulnerable persons. Increased globalization and refined trafficking techniques have established a strong trafficking route between Mexico and the United States. This paper analyzes the issue of human trafficking for sexual...

Decomposing the Wage Gap: Analysis of the Wage Gap Between Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Whites

Across the country in big cities, suburbs and rural areas, Blacks and Hispanics earn less in comparison to Whites. The prevalence of the wage gap for racial and ethnic minorities is widely known though the composition of that gap has been up for debate. Using empirical analysis, this paper first investigates the relationship between race and wages then, using Oaxaca Decomposition...