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Out of the Box: Hiraeth: The Nostalgia Within Abandoned Homes

Student researcher Jessica McDaniel explains why abandoned houses obtained a reputation for horror, as well as how this fear is not all that remains in what were once homes.

Geolocation of Political Protests in Nicaragua

By Jacob Boyer, Published on 08/15/19

Tracking Life Skill Development of Indiana 4-H Members

By Kayla Groen, Published on 08/15/19

Micrometeoroid Impacts on Periodic Spacecraft Structures

By Victoria West, Luis Buades, and Hanson-Lee Harjono, Published on 08/15/19

Developing Drug Therapies: Cognitive Damage in Mice Following Brain Radiation

Pediatric brain cancer patients are at a high risk for radiation-induced cognitive impairment due to white matter changes in the brain. Half of six-month radiotherapy survivors develop significant changes in white matter. Previous research has shown that a mouse model can be used to show similar cognitive and behavioral deficits in human patients. The purpose of this work is to...

Violence, Suffering, and Social Introspection: James Baldwin's Another Country

This research examines and expands on the critical outlook concerning the scope and function of identity in the literature of James Baldwin. Looking at Another Country specifically, the essay expounds on the universality of oppressive conditions shown to operate across factors of race, gender, and sexuality. Critical discussion has largely focused on Baldwin’s construction of...

Out of the Box: Exploring Purdue Through Undergraduate Institutional Research

The snapshots in this section describe research projects that explore the university’s institutional data to investigate some aspect of Purdue. In different ways, each of the projects described below aims to better understand and improve Purdue’s ability to educate students, discover knowledge, or foster engagement promoting the common good. These projects were all part of the...