Word Ways


List of Papers (Total 3,976)

More Etymological Curiosities

A collection of interesting word origins and definitions.

Esquire Articles by Martin Gardner

A listing of articles by Martin Gardner in Esquire magazine along with suggested places to find reprints.

Triple Word Ladder Phrases

Creating word ladder phrases.

Quiz: Double up in Tears 1

A word quiz.


A discussion on the word Lamprotine.

A Collection of Rhyming Palindromes

A collection of RETEP verse or Rhyming, end to end, palindromic verse.

Awk Awk

A listing of words that only use the letter A, W, and K.

Sentence Sudoku Puzzles

Four sudoku puzzles using letters instead of numbers and a Latin Square word puzzle.

Diskos: A Puzzle Game

A puzzle game that uses 12 domino disks and 4 x 4 checkerboard.

Pinpointing Letters

A selection of phrases, each of which pinpoints a specific letter of the alphabet A-Z. This is accomplished by using a word which targets the required letter.

Ode to Epaulette

A list of funny words and new meanings for existing ones.

Anna Square

Latin word squares using Sanskrit words.

The Puzzle of my Life

A crossword puzzle with a hidden message.

Now and Then

A matching quiz on "now

"I Wonder if They Serve Jookies in Kale

A new collection of spoonerisms, transpositions and chaismus.

Multiple Elements in Single Words

What's the shortest word from which the names of 2 chemical elements can be spelled out?

Wonderland Etiquette Or: Advice from a Katherpillar

A humorous take on etiquette advice for travelers to Wonderland.

Mean Sidewalks

A regular column of miscellaneous items.

American Cities: More Transposals

Additional transposals of American city names in response to the November 2018 Word Ways article, "Criticise A Name (Otherwise: Transposing American Cities)", by Darryl Francis.

Palindrome Selections

A collection of palindromes.

Gaffes With Laughs

A collection of media bloopers.

Poll Pirate

A humorous essay on Parrots and parrot speech.