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Does African Culture Impede Development?

Many scholars hastily claim that African culture impedes development; however, this is an invalidate claim. First of all, culture is continuously evolving according to circumstantial factors internal and external to the country, and it is unclear how much culture affects development. For example, external influences such as geography, colonialization, and the global system...

The Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship

By Camille Giacovas, Natalie Intemann, Emily Danca, et al., Published on 02/15/17

Conundrums in Commercial Cosmetics: Interrogating the Effectiveness of Market-Based Strategies for Poverty Alleviation and Women’s Empowerment in Argan Oil and Shea Butter Economies

A growing trend of the last 20 years within the international development community is the budding focus on “women’s empowerment.” States, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and supranational organizations – such as the United Nations and the World Bank, have directed development initiatives toward women, most notably emphasizing income-generating and market-based projects as...

Indigenous Resistance: Counter-Hegemonic Movements of the Wixárika and Ogoni

Since the downfall of formal colonialism after the conclusion of World War II, economic policies advocated for by the Global North have been spread around the globe via the development and globalization projects, as well as various structural adjustment programs and neoliberal free trade agreements. In many cases, Indigenous and peasant communities have been drastically affected...