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Aboriginal Community Engagement in Primary Schooling: Promoting Learning through a Cross-Cultural Lens

This article reports on action research conducted at a primary school in rural New South Wales, Australia. The research responded to an expressed school aspiration to foster greater understanding of local Aboriginal culture, historical perspectives and knowledge systems within the school. An exploratory model was developed using a mixed methods approach to investigate non...

Predictors of Teacher Educators

This study examined the relationship between teacher educators

Early Career Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Preparedness To Teach “Diverse Learners”: Insights From An Australian Research Project

In 2012, early career teachers in Queensland and Victoria (Australia) were invited to complete the Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education graduate survey. The survey included a “Preparation for Teaching Scale” that provided opportunities to self-report on how well their teacher education program prepared them for 46 areas of work. Ten items addressed preparation for...