Active and Passive Electronic Components

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Analysis of Thin Film Fire Sensors

The detection of fire in mines, industrial buildings, ships etc. is an important problem from both the economical and life-protecting aspects. The fire could be detected in several ways, e.g. by the measurement of flame-radiation, heat, pressure, temperature, the aerosols, the gases etc.

Coupling Between Separate Phases of Coaxial Double Circuit Transmission Lines

The paper studies the so-called coaxial overhead transmission lines. The concentric phases are considered. The mathematical analysis for voltage and current is presented. The telegraphic equations of the double circuit power lines with the mutual effect between circuits are introduced. The condition for single circuit transmission line is checked. The mutual effect between both...

Chaos in a Non-Autonomous Inductorless Active-RC Circuit

Chaotic performance of a simple inductorless active-RC non-autonomous electronic circuit is reported. The circuit uses two operational amplifiers, an operational transconductance amplifier, a diode, two resistors, and one capacitor only. No discrete inductors are involved.

Universal Current-Conveyor-Based Current-Mode Filters with Single Input and Three Outputs

Universal active current-mode filters with single input and three outputs are presented. The proposed filters avoid the use of external feedback in any part of the circuit and use grounded resistors and grounded capacitors. The proposed circuits can simultaneously realize lowpass, highpass, and bandpass filter functions.

PLR (Plastic Lithium Rechargeable) Batteries Using Nanoscale Materials: A Convenient Electrical Energy Power for the Future?

This communication describes the synthesis of: (i) non toxic and low cost nanocrystalline electrode materials which can be advantageously prepared at low temperature; (ii) highly conductive electrolyte membranes formed by the nano-encapsulation within a poly (acrylonitrile)-based polymer matrix of a solution of LiPF6 in organic solvants. The performances of rechargeable PLR...

Research and Development in the Field of Passive Components

This paper firstly examines the market situation in passive components in relation to the total position of the electronics industry. Expenditure on research and development is then discussed and examples given of recent and present research and development activities in the field of passive components. The situation with regard to the publication position on research and...

Frequency Spectrum Generated by Thyristor Control

This paper describes the measured harmonics in the load currents of thyristor circuits and shows that with firing angle control the harmonic amplitudes decrease sharply with increasing harmonic frequency, but that they extend to very high harmonic orders of around 6000. The amplitudes of the harmonics are a maximum for a firing delay angle of around 90°.

Destructive D.C. Breakdown in “Built-Up” Barium Stearate Films

The thickness dependence of maximum breakdown voltage (d.c.) leading to the destruction of the film has been reported for “built-up“ barium stearate films in the thickness range (400 Å–1000 Å). These films were chosen because of their promising applications for making dielectric devices, and because their thickness is accurately known and controllable (within 25 Å). The breakdown...

Interpretation de Certaines Proprietes de Films Granulaires de Nickel

Des films granulaires de nickel (grains de 100 Å environ) sont obtenus par évaporation sur substrat d'alumine en ultra-vide puis recouverts d'une couche d'alumine. La structure et la conductivité électrique de ces grains sont étudiées. La mise en oeuvre de l'analyse par rétrodiffusion d'ions Hélium et les examens au microscope électronique permettent d'estimer les effets d'une...

Aspects of Threshold Switching

It is shown that the delay time of a chalcogenide glass threshold switch is not significantly affected by strong illumination, sufficient to increase the conductance by an order of magnitude. This means that the initiation of threshold switching is not due to free carriers within the bulk material. Noise measurements in the pre-threshold region demonstrate the existence of noise...

Etude de la Conduction Ionique du βPbF2

Measurements were made with sintered samples in vacuum at 10−5 torr. Voltages of frequencies varying between 0.1 and 5 × 104 Hz at different temperatures (300 to 500 K) were used. The impedance diagrams show two regions.

Production of Resistors by Arc Plasma Spraying

Arc plasma spraying (APS) is an accepted method of producing coatings for many engineering applications. The wide range of materials that can be used to form the thick film coatings make this technique interesting as an alternative method of producing electrical components and circuits.

Silver-Ruthenium Dioxide Contacts

This paper describes the development of a novel electrical contact material, silver-ruthenium oxide, for use in light duty switching applications where low contact resistance values must be maintained. Material fabrication and contact resistance behaviour after exposure to a tarnishing atmosphere are described. An explanation for the low contact resistance values obtained for...

Semiconductor Materials for Future Display Devices

The large majority of solid state lamps currently available take advantage of the phenomenon of electroluminescent recombination at forward biased p–n junctions (homojunctions) in III–V compound semiconductors or related derivatives (GaP, GaAsP, etc.). The range of colours, sizes and luminous efficiencies likely to become available are subject, however, to certain fundamental...