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State of S. Paulo, Brazil - 1970-1975: population projections

Population projections of the State of S. Paulo, Brazil, by sex, age groups and its administrative divisions are presented for the period 1970 to 1975 (1st of July).

The behavior of Triatoma sordida under laboratory conditions

The behavior of Triatoma sordida maintained in stoves with relative atmospheric humidity of 60-70% and temperatures, respectively, of 25°C and 30°C was observed. The higher temperature caused a shortening of the growth phases. The growth of the fifth instar took longer in males than in females. The longevity of adult females was greater than that of males. With regard to ingested...

Os Cimicídeos e sua importância em Saúde Pública (Hemiptera-Heteroptera; Cimicidae)

A review of the Cimicidae of importance in public health is presented. After a general morphological study, special attention is given to knowledge of the biology and ecology of bed-bugs, mainly as regards their relation to the human environment and the possibility of their role in disease transmission. The species Cimex lectularius and C. hemipterus are given particular...