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Intracellular cargo transport by kinesin-3 motors

Intracellular transport along microtubules enables cellular cargoes to efficiently reach the extremities of large, eukaryotic cells. While it would take more than 200 years for a small vesicle to diffuse from the cell body to the growing tip of a one-meter long axon, transport by a kinesin allows delivery in one week. It is clear from this example that the evolution of...

Remark to response of A. V. Lichtenstein

The arguments against the “bad luck” hypothesis suggested by C. Tomasetti and B. Vogelstein ((2015) Science, 347, 78–81) are significant in any case, and new experimental studies are necessary.

Regulatory small RNAs

Recent years have been marked by a burst of studies on the role of various RNAs in the regulation of gene expression. These regulatory effects act on the level of both chromatin in the nuclei and the cytoplasm during translation. The review papers of this issue are mainly dedicated to different types of small RNAs of 20–30 nucleotides. The small RNAs control diverse cellular...