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Accelerated para-articular osteochondroma formation within the knee: a case report

Introduction Intra-articular osteochondroma and acoustic neuroma are rare entities. Case presentation We report the rare occurrence of a para-articular osteochondroma of the knee developing over short duration, 5 months, following minor injury. Conclusion Predisposition to heterotrophic ossification after previous neurosurgery and a second acoustic neuroma may have accelerated...

Salmonella enteritidis meningitis in a first time diagnosed AIDS patient: Case report

We describe a patient with salmonella enteritidis meningitis and unknown HIV infection. Setting: A 14-bed adult intensive care unit in a tertiary hospital. The patient was brought to the emergency department with fever, nuchal rigidity and confusion. A first cerebrospinal fluid examination was non diagnostic. After a short period of improvement the patient developed septic shock...

Testicular trauma resulting in shock and systemic inflammatory response syndrome: a case report

Introduction Acute painful scrotum in children may be associated with torsion of the testis, hematocele, epididymitis and direct testicular injury with hematoma formation. More frequently, however, acute scrotum occurs without a precipitating factor. While most traumatic testicular injuries resolve with conservative management, many require surgical exploration and some are life...

Beijing cough: a case report

Case Presentation Upon arrival in Beijing, China from London, England in 2008 a previously healthy 56-year old man developed a regular spasmodic cough for the duration of his stay in the city.