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Understanding differences in cervical cancer incidence in Western Europe: comparing Portugal and England

Cervical cancer incidence has decreased over time in England particularly after the introduction of organized screening. In Portugal, where opportunistic screening has been widely available with only slightly lower coverage than that of the organized programme in England, rates of cervical cancer have been higher than in England. We compared the burden of cervical cancer, risk...

Unnatural death: a major but largely preventable cause-of-death among homeless people?

We aimed to assess the contribution of specific causes-of-death to excess mortality of homeless persons and to identify differences in cause-specific mortality rates after vs. before implementing social policy measures.

Interactive effects of sleep duration and morning/evening preference on cardiovascular risk factors

Sleep duration and morningness/eveningness (circadian preference) have separately been associated with cardiovascular risk factors (i.e. tobacco use, physical inactivity). Interactive effects are plausible, resulting from combinations of sleep homeostatic and circadian influences. These have not been examined in a population sample.

HIV-care access among people with incarceration experience in St. Petersburg, Russia

Little is known about the clinical care experiences of HIV-infected persons in St. Petersburg who have experience with incarceration. To address this question, we conducted a capture-recapture study to identify individuals who had been diagnosed with HIV infection while incarcerated and who subsequently presented for medical care in St. Petersburg, Russia following release from...

Perceptions of Zika virus risk in Germany in 2016

Risks associated with Zika virus (ZIKV) transmission in the Americas have been discussed widely in the media as several European athletes declined to participate in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Since risk perceptions of individuals in unaffected areas are unknown, we assessed the risk perceptions of ZIKV and related behaviour in Lower Saxony, Germany, with a specific focus on...

Disability weights for infectious diseases in four European countries: comparison between countries and across respondent characteristics

In 2015, new disability weights (DWs) for infectious diseases were constructed based on data from four European countries. In this paper, we evaluated if country, age, sex, disease experience status, income and educational levels have an impact on these DWs.

Policy determinants of physical activity across the life course: a ‘DEDIPAC’ umbrella systematic literature review

Despite the large number of studies and reviews available, the evidence regarding the policy determinants of physical activity (PA) is inconclusive. This umbrella systematic literature review (SLR) summarizes the current evidence on the policy determinants of PA across the life course, by pooling the results of the available SLRs and meta-analyses (MAs).

International migrants’ use of emergency departments in Europe compared with non-migrants’ use: a systematic review

International migration across Europe is increasing. High rates of net migration may be expected to increase pressure on healthcare services, including emergency services. However, the extent to which immigration creates additional pressure on emergency departments (EDs) is widely debated. This review synthesizes the evidence relating to international migrants’ use of EDs in...

Factors associated with the prevalence of adolescent binge drinking in the urban areas of Greater Manchester

Binge drinking in adolescents is a serious problem that has been recognised for over a generation. On average 61% of students in the European region had consumed alcohol in the last 30 days and 43% had participated in binge drinking in the same period. This article investigates the prevalence of adolescent binge drinking and the factors associated with this prevalence in urban...

Sustainability of outdoor school ground smoking bans at secondary schools: a mixed-method study

Although increasing numbers of countries are implementing outdoor school ground smoking bans at secondary schools, less attention is paid to the post-implementation period even though sustainability of a policy is essential for long-term effectiveness. Therefore, this study assesses the level of sustainability and examines perceived barriers/facilitators related to the...

Cost-effectiveness of tobacco control policies and programmes targeting adolescents: a systematic review

Consistent evidence shows the importance of preventing smoking at young ages, when health behaviours are formed, with long-term consequences on health and survival. Although tobacco control policies and programmes targeting adolescents are widely promoted, the cost-effectiveness of such interventions has not been systematically documented. We performed a systematic review on the...

Resident participation in neighbourhood audit tools — a scoping review

Healthy urban environments require careful planning and a testing of environmental quality that goes beyond statutory requirements. Moreover, it requires the inclusion of resident views, perceptions and experiences that help deepen the understanding of local (public health) problems. To facilitate this, neighbourhoods should be mapped in a way that is relevant to them. One way to...

Effects of a counselling intervention to improve contraception in deprived neighbourhoods: a randomized controlled trial

This study aims to evaluate the effects of a community-based counselling intervention to improve contraception use among immigrant and native residents in deprived neighbourhoods.

Understanding the relation between socioeconomic position and inflammation in post-menopausal women: education, income and occupational prestige

The role of occupational prestige, a direct measure of the perceived status of job and job holder, in inflammation is unknown. To contribute to understanding the pathways by which socioeconomic position (SEP) is associated with inflammation, we aimed to estimate the direct effects of education, income and occupational prestige on C-reactive protein (CRP) and to describe the...

Secondary stressors are associated with probable psychological morbidity after flooding: a cross-sectional analysis

The impact of flooding on mental health is exacerbated due to secondary stressors, although the mechanism of action is not understood. We investigated the role of secondary stressors on psychological outcomes through analysis of data collected one-year after flooding, and effect modification by sex.

Do work and family care histories predict health in older women?

Social and policy changes in the last several decades have increased women’s options for combining paid work with family care. We explored whether specific combinations of work and family care over the lifecourse are associated with variations in women’s later life health.

Impact of resident and fellow changeovers on patient outcomes: a nationwide cross-sectional study

Findings regarding the association of cohort changeovers with patient outcomes are mixed. We sought to examine the association of resident and fellow changeovers with a comprehensive set of indicators.

Current state of genomic policies in healthcare among EU member states: results of a survey of chief medical officers

A need for a governance of genomics in healthcare among European Union (EU) countries arose during an international meeting of experts on public health genomics (PHG). We have conducted a survey on existing national genomic policies in healthcare among Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) of the 28 EU member states, plus Norway.