Editors’ messages: Hydrogeology and the IGC

Hydrogeology Journal, Nov 2012

Ji Chuanmao

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Editors’ messages: Hydrogeology and the IGC

Hydrogeology Journal Editors' Messages 0 Senior Consulting Center, Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources , Beijing, 100812 , P.R. China Hydrogeology and the IGC, by Ji Chuanmao1, Associate Editor The 30th International Geological Congress (IGC) was held August 4-14, 1996, in Beijing, China, and was an important event for the world's geological community. A total of 5,847 earth scientists from 102 countries participated in the activities of the Congress. At least 50 delegates attended from each ofthe following: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, UK, and USA. Papers concerning groundwater investigation, research, and development were mostly presented at Symposium 16, "Hydrogeology." The total number of papers presented orally at this Symposium was 108; many will be published by VSP in The Netherlands. The number of papers presented in each session of this Symposium is as follows: Groundwater geochemistry, including isotope studies- 11 Problems of aquifer development and their control - 7 Evaluation and management of groundwater resources and public information and education - 13 Hydrogeology of low-permeability strata - 9 Protection of groundwater resouces from pollution - 19 Hydrosphere-lithosphere relationship and geological processes in global water circulation- 2 Mineral water and geothermal water - 8 Water-inrush control and combination of water drainage and supply in water-abundant mines- 6 Conjunctive management of surface water and groundwater; Artificial recharge of groundwater- 8 Paleohydrogeology in relation to oil-gas migration and formation of mineral deposits - 7 Groundwater in arid and semi-arid areas - 8 Karst hydrogeology and karst environment protection- 10 At a Congress-wide colloquium, P.J. Cook, Director of the British Geological Survey, presented "Sustaining our life support system," in which he discussed water problems of the future. Many speakers discussed problems concerning groundwater development at other symposia, including B-3, "Geosciences in planning and management of environments," and B-4, "Urban geology." Prof. W.S. Fyfe, former lUGS president, was the first speaker of the B-3 symposium, which was chaired by IAH Secretary-General Andrew Skinner and others. These symposia were very popular and lively discussions ensued. In addition, the IAH held its General Assembly during the IGC. - • • • • • •

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Ji Chuanmao. Editors’ messages: Hydrogeology and the IGC, Hydrogeology Journal, 2012, 2-2, DOI: 10.1007/s10040-997-0004-4