The patient experience

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Nov 2008

Nadia Harbeck, Renate Haidinger

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The patient experience

Breast Cancer Res Treat The patient experience Nadia Harbeck 0 1 Renate Haidinger 0 1 0 R. Haidinger Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. , Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 6, Munich 81737 , Germany 1 N. Harbeck (&) R. Haidinger Frauenklinik der Technischen Universita ̈t Mu ̈nchen , Ismaninger Strasse 22, Munich 81675 , Germany - Due to an oversight, Financial Disclosure of the Authors in the above referenced supplement was not published as required. All authors have acknowledged and signed a statement of Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest and certify that no honoraria for the work therein were received.

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Nadia Harbeck, Renate Haidinger. The patient experience, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2008, 375, DOI: 10.1007/s10549-007-9852-9