Editor-In-Chief’s Introduction

The Journal of Ethics, May 2009

J. Angelo Corlett

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Editor-In-Chief’s Introduction

J. Angelo Corlett 0 0 J. Angelo Corlett (&) Department of Philosophy, San Diego State University , San Diego, CA 92182, USA It is a pleasure for The Journal of Ethics to feature this special double issue on ''Virtue Ethics and Moral Psychology: The Situationism Debate.'' This special issue contains articles that attempt to make moral sense of some of the most celebrated work during the past few decades in experimental social cognitive psychology. In particular, the articles address certain claims made by virtue ethics theory pertaining to the nature of moral virtue. Special thanks goes to Guest Editor and contributor Dr. Candace Upton, along with Professors Jesse Prinze, Christian Miller, Gopal Sreenivasan, Peter B. M. Vranas, Gilbert Harman, Joel J. Kupperman, and Neera K. Badhwar. It is hoped that this issue generates fruitful philosophical discussion in future issues of this journal.

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J. Angelo Corlett. Editor-In-Chief’s Introduction, The Journal of Ethics, 2009, 101-101, DOI: 10.1007/s10892-009-9055-1