Referees for 2008–2009

The Journal of Ethics, Dec 2009

J. Angelo Corlett

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Referees for 2008–2009

J. Angelo Corlett 0 J. A. Corlett 0 San Diego CA 0 USA e-mail: 0 0 Robert Louden Phillip Montague Michael Otsuka Seungbae Park Rodney C. Roberts Bernie Rollin Ronald Sandler Nancy Snow Steven Sverdlik Christine Swanton Jon Treson Candace Upton Julie van Camp Manuel Vargas Sandra Wawrytko Jennifer Welchman Michael J. Zimmerman The Editor-in-Chief wishes to extend gratitude to the following philosophers, along with members of the Editorial Board, for their excellent service to The Journal of Ethics during the past year:

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J. Angelo Corlett. Referees for 2008–2009, The Journal of Ethics, 2009, 425, DOI: 10.1007/s10892-009-9070-2