Bet You Missed It--What Do Spies and Poker Players Have in Common?

Against the Grain, Dec 2015

By Bruce Strauch, Published on 11/01/15

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Bet You Missed It--What Do Spies and Poker Players Have in Common?

Bet You Missed It--W hat Do Spies and Poker Players Have in Common? Bruce Strauch Th e Citadel - Ta ke a closer look at.... The CHARLESTON REPORT Business Insights into the Library Market You Need The Charleston Report... if you are a publisher, vendor, product developer, merchandiser, consultant or wholesaler who is interested in improving and/or expanding your position in the U.S. library market. Subscribe today at our discounted rate of only $75.00 The Charleston Company 6180 East Warren Avenue, Denver, CO 80222 STL and Emerging eBook ... from page 1 rate changes and how metrics are changing the nature of librarianship in the digital era. Michael Zeoli, Vice President, Content Development and Partner Relations at YBP, shares his view, backed by compelling data, of how DDA and STL are impacting the scholarly ecosystem. Michael Levine-Clark, Professor/ Associate Dean for Scholarly Communications and Collections Services, university of Denver Libraries, takes us forward to Evidence-based Acquisitions, how this newer model works and, more specifically, how the university of Denver is implementing this model. Jason Price, Director Licensing Operations at SCELC Library Consortium, and Maria Savova, Director of Information Resources and Systems at Claremont Colleges Library, have graciously agreed to cover one of the high-level topics we feel is critical to an understanding of STL and other non-standard PA models, Access vs. Ownership. And we’re especially grateful to Kari Paul son for agreeing to be interviewed on STL and how she sees this model, and other emerging eBook models, within the framework of current library budgets and the ever increasing demand for data as an acquisitions driver. Bet You Missed It Column Editor: Bruce Strauch (The Citadel) Press Clippings — In the News — Carefully Selected by Your Crack Staff of News Sleuths Editor’s Note: Hey, are y’all reading this? If you know of an article that should be called to Against the Grain’s attention ... send an email to <>. We’re listening! — KS TOO DIFFICULT FOR ADULTS by Bruce Strauch (The Citadel) Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time has sold 14 million copies and has been adapted for TV and an opera. Everyone always assumed the evil planet Camazotz — where everyone is regimented to be the same — to be the Soviet Union. Now granddaughter Charlotte v oiklis has discovered three pages cut by the publisher that has the L’Engle world all abuzz. In them lies a warning that even a democracy can become too fixated on security and loose freedom. Woo. Can we say NSA? National Surveillance State? L’Engle had a hard time finding a publisher until she met John Farrar of Farrar, Straus and Co. Even he warned it would not sell. It was too difficult for children. L’Engle replied, “The problem wasn’t that it was too difficult for children. It was too difficult for adults.” COLD WAR SPIES by Bruce Strauch (The Citadel) LET’S READ ABOUT RISK by Bruce Strauch (The Citadel) See - Jennifer Maloney , “A New Wrinkle in Time,” The Wall Street Journal, April 16 , 2015 . (1) Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel , Bombshell ( 1997 ) (Los Alamos atomic spy revealed by KGB files); (2) Paul Broda , Scientist Spies ( 2011 ) (Alan Nunn May, Canadian atomic traitor); (3) Christopher Andrew, Defend the Realm ( 2009 ) (MI5 v. MI6); (4) Chapman Pincher , Treachery ( 2009 ) (MI5 head Roger Hollis as double agent); (5 ) Kim Philby , My Silent War ( 1968 ) (Cambridge Five traitors). See - Frank Close , “Five Best,” The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 31-Feb.1 , 2015 , p. C10 . (1) Apsley Cherry-garrard, The Worst Journey in the World, (1910 British Antarctic Expedition) ( 1922 ) ; (2 ) Antoine de Saint-Exupéry , Flight to Arras ( 1942 ) ; (3) Herbert O. Yardley, The Education of a Poker Player ( 1957 ) ; (4) Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea (story of the first Mrs . Rochester from Jane Eyre) ( 1966 ) ; (5) Alice Munro, Runaway (sinister men and depressed women ) ( 2004 ). See - Al Alvarez , “Five Best,” The Wall Street Journal, July 25-26 , 2015 , p. C10 . (Alvarez is the author of Pondlife: A Swimmer's Journal.) Against the Grain / November 2015

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