November 29, 2017 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Feb 2018

By Kelli Getz, Published on 03/01/18

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November 29, 2017 Conference Call

Executive Board Minutes NASIG Board Conference Call November 0 1 2 3 0 Eugenia Beh, Ex Officio Kate Moore, Ex Officio Tom Osina , Guest 1 Members at Large: Betsy Appleton Chris Bulock Karen Davidson Ted Westervelt 2 Executive Board: Steve Oberg, President Anna Creech, Past-President Angela Dresselhaus, Vice President/President-Elect Kelli Getz, Secretary Michael Hanson, Treasurer Jessica Ireland , Treasurer-Elect 3 Regrets: Maria Hatfield, Member-at-Large Adolfo Tarango , Member-at-Large VOTE: Creech moved to approve SSP's Cross Organizational Diversity Initiative Statement of Principles. Hanson seconded. The motion passed unanimously. 1. Welcome (Oberg) The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm Central. 2. Conference A/V Options (Oberg) The Board and Tom Osina from Non-Profit Help (NPH) reviewed a/v quotes. After reviewing the quotes, the Board unanimously expressed a preference for Action AV as the preferred A/V company. Osina will convene a smaller group including Oberg, Creech, Dresselhaus, and CPC co-chairs soon to arrive at a final decision. 3. Organizational Membership Definition and Cost (Hanson/Oberg) There needs to be additional clarification surrounding the organizational membership category regarding cost and what is included. The discussion was tabled until Hatfield could provide a proposal based on a meeting between her, Perlmutter, and Creech. 4. UKSG Collaboration Ideas (All) The ideas discussed include collaborating on standards and core competencies. 5. Cross Organizational Diversity Initiative Statement of Principles (Creech) 6. Sponsorship Update (Creech) There are four sponsors so far - one tier 1, two tier 2, and one tier 3. More sponsorships will likely come in after the new year. Hanson received our taxes back for 2016. NASIG sustained $11,000 in losses over the course of 2016. This follows $2,000 of losses in 2015. The stock market is doing well, which is reflecting positively in the current portfolio. 8. Secretary’s Report (Getz) Nothing to report. 9. Committee Updates (All) • Marketing & Social Media Coordinator: There was a discussion about late proposals. The proposal deadline was already extended once but will not be extended a second time. Beh was encouraged to send out information about Atlanta including things to do and the ease of taking public transportation. • Program Planning Committee: PPC is reviewing 67 session proposals. They worked with a preconference speaker who did not sign NASIG’s MOU due to an issue with the license to publish language. Action Item: Dresselhaus will talk with Taylor & Francis to see if they would be willing to change language in the contract. So far, CPC has been unable to find a Freedom Rider to present at the opening session. They will be continue working on lining up another opening session speaker. 10. Adjourn (Oberg) The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm Central. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz

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