Bruce #2: Hotel Bruce

Children's Book and Media Review, Aug 2018

By Karen Abbott, Published on 08/21/18

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Bruce #2: Hotel Bruce

Bruce #2: Hotel Bruce Karen Abbott Follow this and additional works at: BYU ScholarsArchive Citation Author Ryan T. Higgins Illustrator Reviewer Karen Abbott Rating Outstanding Level Preschool, Primary Pages 48 Year 2016 Publisher Disney-Hyperio ISBN 9781484743621 Book Review Bruce #2: Hotel Bruce Bruce has four goose-babies that readers met in Mother Bruce, and like any good parent he heads South with them for the winter. He has a huge surprise waiting for him when he arrives home. Three mice have turned his wonderful home into a hotel. The nerve of some rodents! Drama ensues when Bruce tries to reclaim his home and his baby geese who have become the hotel’s bell hops. Bruce’s soft heart relents when his goose-babies spy the mice outside in the rain. No more guests, though! Bruce is a wonderful example of a grudging but very dutiful parent who does what he must to provide his grown hatchlings with the nurture they require. He never looks happy about it, but something in the words and illustrations lead one to believe that he may enjoy things more than he is willing to let on. That is the beauty of the Bruce books. It is often said that a gruff person is really a teddy bear on the inside. Bruce is the opposite, a teddy bear who tries to be gruff. He is in fact a tenderhearted teddy bear underneath it all.

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