Charleston Conference 2017-Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition

Against the Grain, Jan 2019

By Katina Strauch, Published on 01/24/19

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Charleston Conference 2017-Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition

Charleston Conference 2017-Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition Katina Strauch 0 Against the Grain <heather.staines@gmail 0 0 0 Preconferences - Monday & Tuesday Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - n e Proposed Themes ? ?The Past as Prologue? or ?You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do? n r e f r Ia particular topic, please let us know. The Charleston Conference prides itself on creativity, innovation, flexibility, and informality. y f you are interested in leading a discussion, acting as a moderator, coordinating a lively lunch, or would like to make sure we discuss a If there is something you are interested in doing, please try it out on us. We?ll probably love it... r Charleston Comings and Goings: News and Announcements for the Charleston Library Conference by Leah Hinds (Assistant Director, Charleston Conference) <> P ference! Our dates will be shifted up by one day this year, lanning is under way for the upcoming 2017 Charleston Conso the conference will be held November 6 ? 10, Monday through Friday: ? ? ? Monday and Tuesday, November 6 ? 7: Preconferences and Seminars Tuesday, November 7: Vendor Showcase Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, November 8 ? 10: Main Conference We?re also exploring the idea of an optional post-conference event on Saturday morning, so keep your travel dates flexible! It?s always nice to have a reason to stay the weekend in Charleston. Do you have ideas for a preconference or a conference session? Our Call for Preconferences will open on March 1, and the Call for Papers will open on April 19. The conference is seeking proposals on topics related to our over-arching themes of the library and publishing industries, collection discovery and management, diversity and accessibility, innovation, collection management and education, etc. Conference sessions are meant for librarians, publishers, and vendors to discuss Against the Grain / February 2017 issues of interest to them all. They are not an opportunity for marketing products or services, and we aim to give opportunities for everyone to be heard. As such, we encourage proposals that include representation from the different viewpoints and stakeholders in the scholarly communications process, so please consider the diversity of your panel. Check our website for links to the forms when they?re posted: www. In case you missed it, Against the Grain recently announced ATG: The Podcast, available at The first episodes feature audio from the 2016 Charleston Conference plenary and Neapolitan sessions, as well as the ATG Views from the Penthouse Suite interviews of several conference speakers. Check it out and subscribe through iTunes ( or Google Play (http:// New episodes are being added weekly. If you have suggestions for future topics or speakers for the podcast, please let me know! More soon, but in the meantime please send ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions, comments, etc., about the 2017 Charleston Conference to me at <>. I look forward to hearing from you! w Send ideas by July 15 , 2017 to any of the Conference Directors listed above . The Call for Papers form will open on April 18 , 2017 at w Or send ideas to: Katina Strauch, P.O. Box 799 , Sullivan ' s Island, SC 29482 ? 843 - 723 -3536 (voice) ? 843 - 509 -2848 (cell) w <> ?

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