Two Coccida From Samoa

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, Mar 2019

Vernon L. Kellogg

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Two Coccida From Samoa

International Journal of "rhe pupae differ from those of all other Blepharocerid species known to me in having the dorsal prothoracic respiratory flaps contiguous" they are distinctly apart in all other known pupae. The larvae more nearly resemble those of Bibioce2hala comstocki Zgell. (a species common in the Santa Cruz Mountains of the San Francisco peninsula) than those of any other species, having the lateral processes in much the same condition. 'rhey differ noticeably, however, in being much darker and without spots on the dorsum. I add, in closing this note, two records of Blepharocerid distribution which are not included in my monograph of February (referred to above). Professor Cockerell has taken 2?ibiocephala grandis in New Mexico, and Professor Aldrich gibiocephala eleganlulus in Idaho. - AMOR LELAND BABCOCK, born Nov. I5, 1826, died Feb. 27, 19o3, at Sherborn, Mass. Mr. Babcock was throughout a long and active life an enthusiastic collector of natural history specimens, devoting his energies chiefly to forming an extensive private collection of animals and curios from every quarter of the globe. Attracted strongly by. the beauty of birds and butterflies he directed his energies chiefly to these groups, especially in his earlier years. Accompanied by his wife he spent several months in the winter of 1872-3 in British Guiana, collecting in the vicinity of Georgetown and among the Indian villages of the interior along the Essequibo river. The winter of 1879-8o was spent in a similar trip to Florida. During later years he had devoted his time chiefly to insects and by collecting and exchanges had secured a large amount of material. Of the local fauna he had paid most attention in these later years to the Odonata, and several collections are the richer for his efforts in this direction. ,,_.nallagma 3ictum was. described from material in his collection and the types were donated by him to the Museum of comparative zo61ogy. Mr. Babcock, while hampered exceedingly by lack of means and early advantages, possessed energy, enthusiasm, and perseverance to a notable degree, and a lover of nature was always sure of his interest and encouragement. It is to be hoped that his collection may remain intact as a fitting monument to his utiring efforts and singleress of aim. Albert P. Morse. International Journal of Peptides Advance s in ht p:/ w Virol og y Hindawi Publishing Corporation Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Submit your manuscr ipts Research International Stem Cells International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Zoology International Journal of Journal of Signal Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Transduction Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Anatomy Research International Research International Advances in Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Enzyme Research Journal of Genomics Journal of Nucleic Acids The Scientiifc World Journal

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Vernon L. Kellogg. Two Coccida From Samoa, Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, DOI: 10.1155/1903/98902