Habits of Mygale in Confinement

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, Apr 2019

James H. Emerton

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Habits of Mygale in Confinement

International Journal of Mr. Henry C. McCook has published (Proc. Acad. nat. sci. of Philadelphia for I887) some notes on the habits of 3lygale heztzliwhile kept in confinement in Philadelphia. Mr. McCook has had the best success in keeping spiders by feeding them well in summer and giving them but little during the winter, but lets them have all the water they want at all seasons. One ]V[ygale lived over five years, and finally died soon after moulting, though it had moulted safely several times in previous years. The last moult happened in spring, before the spider had much to eat, and for this reason, probably, it was too weak to recover fl'om the effects. One of Mr. McCook's mygales lost several limbs while moulting. He says "two of the legs refused to separate from the skin, and after a prolonged struggle they were broken off at the coxae and remained within the moult. One foot of another leg shared the same fate." This moult occurred in the spring. In August the spider moulted again, and by this time the loser limbs had grown again, complete but a little smaller than before. The digging of these mygales was done with the fore legs and palpi. The dirt was not scratched up by the feet or kicked backward but gathered into balls between the mandibles, palpi and feet and carried away from the hole. - ames H: tmerto. PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. CAMBRIDGE EITOMOLOGICAL CLUB, 8JAN. I886. The I6th meeting. Cotiuedfrom t9. 44"] Abstract of the Secretary?s t?ejbort on Library, 8 an. 886. By G: Dimmock. The circumstances which led the secretary to assume the duties of librarian are given in detail The accession book has been written up to the end of I885 and enumerates I355 accessions. Of these I64 belong properly to the year I885. The books of the library have been classified by subjects according to the Dewey decimal classification... Only a small portion of the books arecatalogd on slips... Some of the separates and smaller pamflets have been furnished with stiff manilla-paper covers, and many more separates need to be thus protected. The rules concerning the loan of books remain the same as they were in I882, when the.y were printed in our annual reports. FEB. 1886.The tTth meeting was held at 6 Sacramento St., Cambridge, 2 Feb. 886. In the absence of the president, Mr. T. W. Harris was chosen chairman. Mr. Roland Hayward remarked on the dila" tion of the first three joints of the middle tarsi of some of our species of 1)yNscus. He asked if the patellae of the middle tarsi are flnctional or not. Dr. G: Dimmock showed some specimens of ckrysomelidae to illustrate the subject of color-variation, and made remarks upon experiments which he intended to try during the coming summer in c;rder to produce color-varieties in insects. I2 MAR. 886.The 118th meeting was held at6I Sacramento St., Cambridge, 2 March, 1886. In the absence of the president Prof. W: Trelease was elected chairman. The report of the treasurer, Mr. B: P. Mann, for the year 1885 was read by the secretary, and having already received the approval of the auditing committee, was approved. [An abstract of this report is appended to the report of this meeting.] Nominations nos. 134-135 were acted upon and the following persons elected to active membership: 134. Philip Stanley Abbott, of Cambridge. 135. Frank Sedgwick Child, of Cambridge. Nominations nos. 136-142, all for active membership, were presented, as follows: 36 Prof. T: J. Burrill, of Champaign, II1., Peptides Advance s in ht p:/ w w.hindawi.com Virol og y Hindawi Publishing Corporation Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Submit your manuscr ipts http://www.hindawi.com Research International Stem Cells International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Zoology International Journal of Journal of Signal Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Transduction Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Anatomy Research International Research International Advances in Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Enzyme Research Journal of Genomics Journal of Nucleic Acids The Scientiifc World Journal

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James H. Emerton. Habits of Mygale in Confinement, Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, DOI: 10.1155/1888/63871