The Attic of Sand and Secrets

Children's Book and Media Review, Apr 2019

By Jennifer Haltli, Published on 04/12/19

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The Attic of Sand and Secrets

hTe Att Jennifer Haltli 0 0 Thi s Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the All Journals at BYU ScholarsArchive. It has been accepted for inclusion in Children's Book and Media Review by an authorized editor of BYU ScholarsArchive. For more information , please contact Follow this and additional works at: BYU ScholarsArchive Citation Haltli, Jennifer () "The A ttic of Sand and Secrets," Children's Book and Media Review: Vol. 40 : Iss. 2 , Article 185. Available at: Author Medeia Sharif Illustrator Reviewer Jennifer Haltli Rating Excellent Level Intermediate Publisher Featherweight Press ISBN 9781608209521 Book Review The Attic of Sand and Secrets Lily learns that the most obvious answer is not always the correct one. Our learning-disabled protagonist has always doubted her mental abilities. However, upon discovering a magical Egyptian world in her attic, Lily knows that her mother?s rescue is up to her. She meets her mother?s ancestor on her forays up the stairs, and with her help she uncovers clues that the police have overlooked. With a ransom exchange fallen through, Lily desperately puts the final piece of the puzzle in place and discovers that the kidnapper is a trusted member of the family?s circle. Disillusioned by envy of the family?s wealth, the culprit hunts Lily even as she attempts to mount solo her mother?s dramatic nighttime rescue. The Attic of Sand and Secrets is thrilling, short, and accessible. The book is rich in its characterization of the protagonist and in its themes. It portrays a realistic adolescent girl who doubts herself, endures ridicule, and wonders who she can trust. However, her unique ancestry sets her apart and emerges as a driving factor in her identity. Her French side is widely embraced, especially since her father has made a fortune as a French baker. Conversely, Lily?s Egyptian side has always been stifled, her father?s family being ashamed of her mother. However, upon the discovery of the Egyptian world in her attic, her interaction with her ancestor, and the resulting progress made on her mother?s rescue, Lily?s immersion in her repressed Egyptian heritage literally sets her mother free. Metaphorically, it also sets Lily free, in that it finally grants her a solid pathway in her quest for self. The book?s weaknesses include a plot that is a tad predictable for the habitual mystery reader and awkward language in some parts. It is nonetheless simultaneously magical and relatable to middle grade readers.

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