A Valentine for Frankenstein

Children's Book and Media Review, Apr 2019

By Kaley Durney, Published on 04/12/19

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A Valentine for Frankenstein

A Valentine for Frankenstein Thi s Book Review is brought to you for free please contact . Kaley Durney; Follow this and additional works at; https; //scholarsarchive; byu; edu/cbmr Author Leslie Kimmelman Illustrator Timothy Banks Reviewer Kaley Durney Rating Excellent Level Preschool, Primary Publisher Carolrhoda Books ISBN 9781512431292 Book Review A Valentine for Frankenstein Frankenstein and the other monsters get ready for the Valentine?s Day Bash. With the monsters looking their worst, they start the party. During the bash, they have a cupcake-decorating competition, a banana-slug pie-eating contest, and a burping contest. Frankenstein doesn?t win any of the contests. The other monsters tease him throughout the bash, but he doesn?t let it affect him because he knows he is good the way he is. After the contests, he dances with Belcher. He notices a valentine in his pocket and begins searching for who gave it to him. Eventually Frankenstein finds out that it was Belcher who was his Valentine. This is a fun book for children who may not like the romantic part of Valentine?s Day. Frankenstein is portrayed as a sweet, kind, and proper monster. The other monsters just don?t understand it and think he is a bad monster because he?s not gross and scary enough. Frankenstein continues throughout the story to be himself, and it pays off in the end. The other monsters come to accept him even with his differences. This book is a great tool to teach kids about bullying and understanding others who may act differently than them. Every page is filled with bright colors and intricate illustrations that make it fun for the reader to look at. The story moves along at a good pace and keeps the reader engaged with the illustrations. Overall, this is a great book with a wonderful lesson to be learned.

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