Editors’ Message The past year and Thanks

Hydrogeology Journal, Jan 2002

Robert Schneider, Clifford I. Voss

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Editors’ Message The past year and Thanks

Hydrogeology Journal Editors' Message The past year and Thanks Robert Schneider Managing Editor Clifford I. Voss Executive Editor Thanks! The success and international reputation of the journal is due in large part to the many who contributed to its production. Most important are the authors from all parts of the world. The support, guidance, professional approach and patience of the staff of the publisher, Springer-Verlag, especially Wolfgang Engel and Susanne Schemann, are very much appreciated. Assistance in the production of publishable manuscripts from articles that were technically acceptable, but that needed major editing to improve English language, was provided by two manuscript editors: William Johnson, who continues in this role, and George C. Taylor. We are particularly grateful to the staff of volunteer Associate Editors, listed on page A3 in this issue, for their great efforts in conducting or arranging for reviews. In addition to the Associate Editors, many others volunteered their time and talents to review manuscripts. At the end of this Message is a list of 94 technical reviewers (not including Associate Editors) who assessed manuscripts during 2001. Most abstracts are received in English and are translated to French and Spanish, often with only a brief time available prior to publication, by two of our Associate Editors, respectively, Michel Bakalowicz and Alfredo Pérez-Paricio. Thanks to all for your valuable contributions. - Suggestions to potential contributing authors. One objective of the journal as an international scientific forum in hydrogeology is to encourage the submittal of articles by authors whose primary language is not English. Of course, such articles require more time for processing before publication due to the editing that is required to improve English clarity and readability. Processing time for such an article would be substantially shortened if contributing authors, who realize that their ability with English composition is only partial, would seek the help or review of a colleague who is well versed in English before submitting their article to Hydrogeology Journal. Nadhir A. Al-Ansari Rafael Huizar Alvarez Charles A. Appel R.P.Ashley A.H. Bath Rick Brassington Jonathan S. Caine Jianyao Chen John Chilton Li Cijun Alain Cloot James E. Constantz Ofer Dahan Patrice de Caritat R. James DeCook Ingrid Dennis Kevin Devito Peter Dillon Vladimir T. Dubinchuk Bjorn Dverstorp Thomas W. D. Edwards Trevor Elliot Lars O. Ericsson G.H.P. Oude Essink Edgar F. Ethington Guillaume Favreau Michael J. Fayer Adam D. Festger Klaus Froehlich Mat Gilfeder Laurence Gourcy Rodger Grayson M. S. Greenbelt Earl A. Greene Haim Gvirtzman Masaki Hayashi Jan Hendricks John J. Hickey Kevin Hiscock Ekkehard Holzbecher Dwight T. Hoxie Roger Jacobson Wu Jichun Patyn Johan Ian Jolly Nurkan Karahanoglu Jim Kellett Himanshu Kulkarni Lurdes Martinez Landa Pat Lapcevic A.R. Lawrence Stanley A. Leake Fred Leaney Luc Lebbe David Lerner E. P. Loehnert Mark J. Logsdon Robert Mace Sean A. McKenna Brian L. Norris Zbigniew Nowicki Peggy O’Neill Paul Pavelic Mark Person Vladimir A. Polyakov Vincent Post Pradeep Raj Todd Rasmussen Malcolm Reeves N. I. Robinson Matthew Rodell Daniel Ronen Donald Rosenberry Marios Sophocleous Changyuan Tang Daniel Tetzlaff James Thomas Donald C. Thorstenson Claire Tiedeman H. J. Turin Jeffrey Turner Scott Tyler Hanneke Verweij H. N. Waber Bill Wallin Gary R. Walter Michelle Walvoord Gavriel Weinberger Carol M. Wicks Thomas C. Winter William Woessner Geoff Wright Hasan Yazicigil George Yu

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Robert Schneider, Clifford I. Voss. Editors’ Message The past year and Thanks, Hydrogeology Journal, 2002, 1-2, DOI: 10.1007/s10040-002-0191-y