Die aktuelle Recherche

Environmental Sciences Europe, May 1989

J. von Brandt, Heidelore Fiedler, R. Kolb

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Die aktuelle Recherche

0 1 Institut ffir Organische Chemie, T.U. Mfinchen, D-8046 Garching 2 Lehrstuhl fiir Okologische Chemie und Geochemie, Universit~itBayreuth, D-8580 Bayreuth 3 Fachinformationszentrum Chemie GmbH , Steinplatz 2, 1000 Berlin 12, Tel.: (030) 319003-19 s (CA) referierten Publikationen und ergibt 47 Literaturnachweise. Wegen des zeitlichen Abstands zwischen der Ver6ffentlichung der Originalarbeit und der des CA-Referates sind darunter auch Publikationen aus der Zeit vor 1988. - Die Recherche ist in der bibliographischen Datenbank CA FILE des Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) durchgeRihrt worden. Die verwendeten englischen Suchworte entsprechen den Begriffen ANSWER 1 ANSWER 2 CA108(26):226033y Emission measurements at firing installations. Van Ingen, G.; Marsman, N. (Krachtwerktuigen, Amersfoort, Neth.). PT-Procestech., 43(3), 3 8 - 4 1 (Neth) 1988. CODEN: PTPTBP. ISSN:0032 - 4094. KW exhaust gas turbine analysis; nitrogen oxide detn turbine exhaust; particulate detn gas turbine exhaust; std air pollution gas turbine ANSWER 3 ANSWER 4 ANSWER 5 75004, Fr.). Pollut. Atmos., No. Spec., 143 - 51 (Fr) 1987. CODEN: POATBH. ISSN: 0 0 3 2 - 3 6 3 2 . KW diesel exhaust gas mutagenicity CA108(23):199572q Development of biological exposure tests for electrophilic substances. An efficient photometric method for the determination of the excretion of mercapturic acid in urine. Zehner, C.; Bergert, K. D.; Friedrich, K.; Voigt, H. (Arbeitshyg. Zent., Niederdorf, Ger. Dem. Rep.). Z. Gesamte Hyg. Ihre Grenzgeb., 33(12), 6 3 4 - 5 (Ger) 1987. CODEN: ZHYGAM. ISSN: 0 0 4 9 - 8 6 1 0 . KW mercapturate urine spectrometry health hazard; diesel exhaust gas urine mercapturate CA108(22):191882v Preliminary study on aerosol pollutant sources in Yaohuamen, Nanjing. Zhang, Yuanhang; Tang, Xiaoyan; Bi, Mutian; Tang, Dagang; Zhao, Deshan (Dep. Tech.-Phys., Peking Univ., Beijing, Peop. Rep. China). Zhongguo Huanjing Kexue, 7(5), 3 9 - 4 4 (Ch) 1987. CODEN: ZHKEEI. KW aerosol pollutant source Nanjing China; suspended particulate pollution Nanjing China; trace element source atm aerosol CA108(22):191864r Management of carcinogenic air emissions: a case study of a power plant. Brown, Halina Szejnwald (Cent. Technol., Environ. Dev., Clark Univ., Worcester, MA 01610, USA). JAPCA, 38(1), 1 5 - 2 1 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: JIJME4. KW power plant cancer public risk; exhaust diesel power plant cancer CA108(22): 191842g Measurement of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon in particulates and gaseous unburnt hydrocarbon from diesel engines. Yamane, Koji; Chikahisa, Takemi; Miyamoto, Nohoru; Murayama, Tadashi (Dep. Mech. Eng., Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo, Japan). Kogakubu Kenkyu Hokoku (Hokkaido Daigaku) (138), 5 - 1 3 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: HDKKAA. KW particulate detn diesel exhaust; polycyclic arom hydrocarbon detn exhaust ANSWER 10 CA108(22):191827f The on-the-road measurement of emissions from gasoline and diesel engined vehicles. Potter, C. J. (Dep. Trade Ind., Warren Spring Lab., Stevenage/Herts. SG1 2BX, UK). Pollut. Atmos., No. Spec., 5 7 - 69 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: POATBH. ISSN: 0 0 3 2 - 3632. KW sampler exhaust gas pollutant detn; diesel exhaust pollutant detn sampler; nitrogen oxide detn exhaust sampler; hydrocarbon dem exhaust gas sampler; carbon monoxide detn exhaust sampler; particulate detn diesel exhaust sampler ANSWER 11 CA108(21):181920s Direct-acting mutagenicity of diesel particulate extract is unchanged by addition of neat aromatic compounds to diesel fuel. Jensen, Trescott E.; Young, Willie; Ball, James C.; Freeman, Lois E. (Ford Mot. Co., Dearborn, MI 48121, USA). JAPCA, 38(1), 5 6 - 8 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: JIJME4. KW diesel fuel arom compd mutagenicity ANSWER 12 CA108(21 ): 181913s Prediction of carcinogenicity of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons on the basis of their chemical structures. Miyashita, Yoshikatsu; Okuyama, Toru; Yamaura, Kazutomo; Jinno, Kiyokatsu; Sasaki, Shinichi (Sch. Mater. Sci., Toyohashi Univ. Technol., Toyohashi 440, Japan). Anal. Chim. Acta, 202, 2 3 7 - 4 0 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: ACACAM. ISSN: 0003 - 2670. KW carcinogenicity polycyclic arom hydrocarbon structure CA108(20):172697x IACP (Integrated Air Cancer Project) emissions: transformations and fate. Cupitt, L. T.; Claxton, L. D.; Shepson, P. B.; Kleindienst, T. E. (Atmos. Sci. Res. Lab., Environ. Prot. Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA). Report, EPA/600/D~87/211; Order No. PB87-209235, 12 pp. Avail. NTIS From: Gov. Rep. Announce. Index (U. S.) 1987, 87(20), Abstr. No. 745,903 (Eng) 1987. KW mutagenicity gas air pollution; wood burning flue gas mutagenicity; exhaust gas mutagenicity CA108(20):172691r Factors influencing the composition and quantity of passenger car refueling emissions. Part 2. Braddock, J. N. (Atmos. Sci. Res. Lab., Environ. Prot. Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA). Report, EPA/600/D-87/234; Order No. PB87-212775, 37 pp. Avail. NTIS From: Gov. Rep. Announce. Index (U. S.) 1987, 87(21), Abstr. No. 748,835 (Eng) 1987. KW automobile refueling hydrocarbon emission gasoline; fuel vapor emission car ANSWER 15 CA108(20):172609v Continuous measurement of diesel particulate emissions. Cha, Soyoung; Black, Frank; King, Foy (Univ. Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA). JAPCA, 38(3), 2 5 2 - 7 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: JIJME4. KW org carbon detn diesel particulate; elemental carbon detn diesel particulate; carbon dem diesel particulate exhaust CA108(20):172607t Diesel emissions: unregulated pollutants. Lopez, B.; Masclet, P.; Person, A.; Degobert, P. (Union Tech. Automob. Motocycle Cycle, Monthery F 91310, Fr.). Pollut. Atmos., No. Spec., 1 1 3 - 2 3 (Fr) 1987. CODEN: POATBH. ISSN: 0032 - 3632. KW diesel exhaust analysis unregulated pollutant ANSWER 17 CA108(20): 172606s Diesel emissions: regulated pollutants and particles. Marduel, J. L.; Boutaud, D.; Gaudichet, A. (Union Tech. Automob. Motocycle Cycle, Montlhery F 91310, Ft.). Pollut. Atmos., No. Spec., 1 0 0 - 1 2 (Fr) 1987. CODEN: POATBH. ISSN: 0032-3632. KW dieselexhaust analysis system app; particulate diesel exhaust analysis; hydrocarbon dem diesel exhaust CAlO8(18):160656v A qualitative UV spectroscopic method as an initial guide to source origins of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Lee, Hian Kee; Wright, G. J.; Swallow, W. H. (Dep. Chem., Natl. Univ. Singapore, Kent Ridge 0511, Singapore). Environ. Pollut., 49(3), 1 6 7 - 7 5 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: ENPOEK. ISSN: 0269 - 7491. KW polycyclic arom hydrocarbon detection environment UV; source origin polycyclic arom hydrocarbon environment CA108(18):155722j The New York City bus terminal diesel emissions study. Measurement and collection of diesel exhaust for chemical characterization and mutagenic activity. Burton, Robert M.; Suggs, Jack C.; Jungers, Robert H.; Lewtas, Joellen (U. S. Environ. Prot. Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA). Proc. - APCA Annu. Meet., 80th(Vol. 1), 87/1.7, 15 pp. (Eng) 1987. CODEN: PAAME3. ISSN: 0193-9688. KW dieselexhaust gas chem mutagenicity; exhaust diesel ambient air pollution CA108(18): 155682w Present status of preventive measures against suspended particulate matter in Japan. Shiozawa, Kiyoshige; Okamoto, Shinichi (Waseda Univ., Tokyo, Japan). Proc. - APCA Annu. Meet., 80th(Vol. 7), 87/106C.28, 9 pp. (Eng) 1987. CODEN: PAAME3. ISSN: 0193-9688. KW particulate air pollution model CA108(18):155616c Size distributed receptor modeling of atmospheric aerosol. Rau, J. A.; Huntzicker, J. J.; Edgerton, S. A. (Oregon Grad. Cent., Beaverton, OR, USA). Proc. - APCA Annu. Meet., 80th(Vol. 1), 87/14.4, 11 pp. (Eng) 1987. CODEN: PAAME3. ISSN: 0193-9688. KW chem mass balance modeling pollution; wood combustion pollution source modeling; exhaust gas pollution source modeling CA108(17):145186y Mutagenicity and nitropyrene concentration of indoor air particulates exhausted from a kerosine heater. Kinouchi, Takemi; Nishifuji, Keiko; Tsutsui, Hideshi; Hoare, Sadako Louise; Ohnishi, Yoshinari (Sch. Med., Univ. Tokushima, Tokushima 770, Japan). Jpn. J. Cancer Res. (GANN), 79(1), 3 2 - 4 1 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: JJCREP. ISSN: 0 9 1 0 - 5 0 5 0 . KW nitropyrene space heater kerosine; mutation nitropyrene kerosine heater CA108(17):145122z Catalyst-free sodium borohydride reduction as a guide in the identification of direct-acting Ames assay mutagens in diesel-particle extracts. Ball, James C.; Young, Willie C.; Salmeen, Irving T. (Res. Staff, Ford Mot. Co., Dearborn, MI 48121, USA). Mutat. Res., 192(4), 2 8 3 - 7 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: MUREAV. ISSN: 0027-5107. KW diesel particle mutagen sodium borohydride redn CA108( 16):137047p Measurement of PAH and nitro-PAH from a heavy-duty diesel engine. Hoekman, S. K.; Ingham, M. C. (Chevron Res. Co., Richmond, CA, USA). Proc. - APCA Annu. Meet., 80th(Vol. 1), 87/1.4, 22 pp. (Eng) 1987. CODEN: PAAME3. ISSN: 0 1 9 3 - 9 6 8 8 . KW polyarom hydrocarbon diesel exhaust; nitro polycyclic atom hydrocarbon exhaust CA108(16):136935q Relationships among time-resolved roadside measurements of benzene, toluene, xylenes and carbon monoxide. Mo, S. H.; Gibbs, R. E. ; Hill, B. J.; Johnson, R. E.; Webster, W. J.; Whitby, R. A. (New York State Dep. Environ. Conserv., Albany, NY, USA). Proc. - APCA Annu. Meet., 80th(Vol. 1), 87/1.6, 15 pp. (Eng) 1987. CODEN: PAAME3. ISSN: 0193-9688. KW carbon monoxide hydrocarbon air correlation; exhaust gas pollutant correlation air CA108(16):136932m New York City bus terminal diesel emissions study: measurement and collection of diesel exhaust for chemical characterization and mutagenic activity. Burton, R. M.; Suggs, J. C.; Jungers, R. H.; Lewtas, J. (Environ. Moult. Syst. Lab., Research Triangle Park, NC, USA). Report, EPA/600/D-87/ 180; Order No. PB87-195384, 17 pp. Avail. NTIS From: Gov. Rep. Announce. Index (U. S.) 1987, 87(18), Abstr. No. 740,288 (Eng) 1987. KW bus diesel exhaust mutagenicity pollution CA108(15): 126100z Decreased superoxide anion production in alveolar macrophages of rats exposed to diesel engine exhaust. Suzuki, Takahito; Ikeda, Shingo; Kanoh, Takako (Tokyo Metrop. Res. Lab. Public Health, Tokyo 160, Japan). Kenkyu Nenpo Tokyo-toritsu Eisei Kenkyusho (38), 2 6 7 - 7 2 (Japan) 1987. CODEN: TRENAF. ISSN: 0082- 4771. KW diesel engine exhaust alveolus macrophage CAI08(14):117951a Fractionation of polar polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons present in industrial emissions and atmospheric samples and their determination by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Ciccioli, P.; Brancaleoni, E.; Cecinato, A.; Di Palo, C.; Buttini, P.; Liberti, A. (Ist. Inquin. Atmos., CNR, Rome 00016, Italy). J. Chromatogr., 351(3), 4 5 1 - 6 4 (Eng) 1986. CODEN: JOCRAM. ISSN: 0021 - 9673. KW polycyclic arom hydrocarbon detn gas; liq chromatog fractionation arom hydrocarbon; waste gas polyarom hydrocarbon detn CA108(12):100371p Effect of different engine designs on the formation of exhaust emissions. Hassel, D.; Jost, P.; Waldeyer, H. (Cologne, Fed. Rep. Ger.). TU, 29(1), 2 5 - 7 (Ger) 1988. CODEN: TUSZA6. ISSN: 0376-1185. KW exhaust gas emission model calcn CA108(12):100338h The role of the diesel aerosol in the air pollution of Vienna. Horvath, H.; Kreiner, I.; Norek, C.; Georgi, B. (Inst. Exp. Phys., Univ. Vienna, Vienna A-1090, Austria). J. Aerosol Sci., 18(6), 8 1 7 - 1 9 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: JALSB7. ISSN: 0021 - 8502. KW diesel particulate air Vienna Austria; soot diesel air Vienna Austria; exhaust diesel pollution Vienna Austria CA108(12):100313w Analysis of halogenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban air, snow and automobile exhaust. Haglund, Peter; Alsberg, Tomas; Bergman, Aake; Jansson, Bo (Dep. Anal. Chem., Univ. Stockholm, Stockholm S-106 91, Swed.). Chemosphere, 16(10-12), 2441-50 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: CMSHAF. ISSN: 0045-6535. KW halogenated polycyclic arom hydrocarbon air; snow halogenated polycyclic arom hydrocarbon; exhaust halogenated polycyclic arom hydrocarbon CA108(12):100282k Progress in the analysis of diesel soot particles. Levsen, K.; Schilhabel, J.; Puttins, U. (Fraunhofer Inst. Toxikol. Aerosolforsch., Hannover 3000, Fed. Rep. Ger.). J. Aerosol Sci., 18(6), 845 - 8 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: JALSB7. ISSN: 0021- 8502. KW dieselexhaust particle analysis evaluation; polycycIic arom hydrocarbon detn exhaust; nitro polycyclic arom hydrocarbon detn; oxygenated polycyclic arom hydrocarbon detn CODEN: JALSB7. ISSN: CA108(11): 89096e Pulmonary phospholipidosis in rats respiring aircontaining diesel particulates. Eskelson, Cleamond D.; Chvapil, Milos; Strom, Kenneth A.; Vostal, Jaroslav J. (Health Sci. Cent., Univ. Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85724, USA). Environ. Res., 44(2), 2 6 0 - 7 1 (Eng) 1987. CODEN: ENVRAL. ISSN: 0013 -9351. KW dieselparticulate lung phospholipid; lipogenesis liver diesel particulate lung injury CA108 (8):61496m Identification and quantification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in particulate combustion residues from automobile engines by GC-MS with thermodesorption. Puettmann, W. (RheinischWestfaelische Tech. Hochsch. Aachen, Aachen D-5100, Fed. Rep. Ger.). Wiss. Umwelt (3), 1 3 6 - 4 2 (Ger) 1987. CODEN: WUISD5. ISSN: 0170- 6977. KW polycyclic arom hydrocarbon detn exhaust; gas chromatog polyarom hydrocarbon exhaust; mass spectrometry polyarom hydrocarbon exhaust ANSWER 40 CA108(6):43073s Source resolution of the fine carbonaceous aerosol by principal component-stepwise regression analysis. Pratsinis, Sotiris E.; Zeldin, Melvin D.; Ellis, Elizabeth C. (Cent. Aerosol Proc., Univ. Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 4 5 2 2 1 - 0 1 7 1 , USA). Environ. Sci. Technol., 22(2), 2 1 2 - 1 6 (Eng) 1988. CODEN: ESTHAG. ISSN: 0 0 1 3 - 9 3 6 X . KW carbonaceous aerosol arm source California; exhaust carbonaceous aerosol pollution California; fly ash carbonaceous aerosol California; soil aerosol atm California; marine aerosol atm California ANSWER 42 ANSWER 44 CA108(3):17601t Contribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nitro-derivatives to the carcinogenic impact of diesel engine exhaust condensate evaluated by implantation into the lungs of rats. Grimmer, G.; Brune, H.; Deutsch-Wenzel, R.; Dettbarn, G.; Jacob, J.; Naujack, K. W.; Mohr, U.; Ernst, H. (Biochem. Inst. Environ. Carcinog., Ahrensburg-Grosshansdorf ANSWER 45 ANSWER 46 ANSWER 47 Wie geht es welter? Interessante Fundstellen kann man nun auf verschiedene Weise auswerten, z.B. offline mit den herk6mmlichen Mitteln durch Heraussuchen der Originalliteratur in tier Bibliothek, Antegen einer eigenenKartei u.fi. Abet auch online hat man noch zusfitzliche M6glichkeiten wie - Ausdruck yon Referatetexten im CA FILE, - Ausgabe des Originaldokuments in einer Volltextdatenbank, - Direktbestellung der Originalliteratur - z.T. auch yon Kurzoder Ganzfibersetzungen - durch das ORDER-Kommando. Schreiben Sie uns - was Sie von diesem Versuch halten, - ob Sie diese Spalte regelm~it~ighier vorfinden m6chten, - welche Themen Sie besonders interessieren. Wit freuen uns auf Ihre zustimmenden oder kritischen Kommentare und Vorschl~ige.

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