Erratum to: New Approaches to Alloy Development in the Al-Li System

JOM, Oct 1981

E. A. Starke Jr., T. H. Sanders Jr., I. G. Palmer

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Erratum to: New Approaches to Alloy Development in the Al-Li System

JOURNAL OF METALS • October 1981 0 Roger L. Altman has been aptechnical consultant for Alcoa pointed section head, process Laboratories' Smelting Research metallurgy, of the Central Reand Development Division, Alcoa search Department of Asarco Center, Pennsylvania. Dr. Dell Incorporated. Dr. Altman joined joined Alcoa's research team in the company in 1979 as senior 1954. research engineer , USA Ronald Bachowski has been Richard R. DeWitt has been named senior technical super­ named executive vice president visor in the Ingot Casting Divi­ of The International Nickel Comsion of Alcoa Laboratories, Alcoa pany, Inc. He was formerly vice Center, Pennsylvania. He has president of marketing for the worked for Alcoa since 1959 in company. various engineering capacities. Warren S. Peterson has been named manager of the Process Development Section of Cabot Corporation's Reading Metallur­ gical Research and Development Laboratories. He will direct pro­ cess metallurgy development for the primary metallurgical opera­ tions. Robert F. Chenkovich has been appointed general scrap purchas­ ing agent for Federated Metals Corporation's Pacific Coast De­ partment. Roger A. Covert has been named general sales manager, Plating and Chemical Industries for The International Nickel Company, Inc. He was formerly general sales manager, Plating Industry. Thomas B. Cox has been ap­ pointed research supervisor at Climax Molybdenum Company's Allen S. Russell, vice president research laboratory in Ann Arbor, and chief scientist, Alcoa, has Michigan. Prior to joining Cli­ received the Karl J. Bayer Medal, max, Dr. Cox managed a research honoring his lifetime of achieve­ and development facility at ment in aluminum science and Lawrence Livermore National technology. During his 40 years Laboratory. with Alcoa, his research played a significant role in many of the William G. Davenport has been advances in aluminum tech­ named head of the Department nology, including the develop­ of Metallurgical Engineering, ment of the Alcoa Smelting Pro­ University of Arizona and assis­ cess. Dr. Russell was honored at tant director of the Arizona the Seventh International Light Bureau of Geology and Mineral Metals Congress, held June 1981 Technology. Dr. Davenport was in Vienna. He is the fourth formerly associate dean of engi­ recipient of the award. neering at McGill University. M. B. Dell has been named 0 0

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E. A. Starke Jr., T. H. Sanders Jr., I. G. Palmer. Erratum to: New Approaches to Alloy Development in the Al-Li System, JOM, 1981, 49-49, DOI: 10.1007/BF03339517