Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction

The Journal of Ethics, Jun 2014

J. Angelo Corlett

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Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction

J Ethics Editor-in-Chief's Introduction J. Angelo Corlett J. Angelo Corlett San Diego CA USA e-mail: It is with great pleasure that The Journal of Ethics features this special issue on Neuroscience and Criminal Justice. Professor Jesper Ryberg serves as Guest Editor of this issue, and its authors are Thomas Douglas, Walter Glannon, Neil Levy, Kaspar Lippert-Rasmussen, Thomas S. Petersen, and Ryberg. The writings of this issue explore a variety of problems with respect to the questions of whether or not the findings of neuroscience can and ought to assist in criminal court proceedings and even in the sentencing of criminals. These articles represent important contributions to the fields of neuroethics and philosophy of law. The journal is grateful to these authors and their Guest Editor for their fine contributions.

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J. Angelo Corlett. Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction, The Journal of Ethics, 2014, 75, DOI: 10.1007/s10892-014-9163-4