2015 TMS Annual Report

JOM, Oct 2016

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2015 TMS Annual Report

JOM EXTENDING OUR BOUNDARIES INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY www.tms.org MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING INNOVATION - REINFORCING OUR STRENGTHS FEATURING UPDATES ON THE TMS STRATEGIC FOCUS AREAS: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION INCREASED INDUSTRIAL ENGAGEMENT of the key Society activities behind the numbers, showing how we advanced our strategic goals in 2015, extending our boundaries and reinforcing our strengths in the process. TMS has always been a welcoming community for minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers. In 2015, we took steps to extend that hospitality to as many groups as possible, both in the United States (where TMS is headquartered) and throughout the world, as well as to groups that are typically underrepresented in the science and engineering professions. Here’s how. Working with a number of international partner societies, we laid the groundwork for more geographically diverse programming and attendance at our meetings. 2015 TMS President Patrice Turchi and TMS Executive Director James J. Robinson traveled to Warsaw, Poland, to attend EUROMAT 2015 and to collaborate with leaders of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) on future programming opportunities. Pictured above from left to right: Brett Suddell, FEMS Vice President; Margarethe Hofmann, FEMS President; Turchi; and Robinson. 3rd Pan American Materials Congress San Diego, California February 26-March 2, 2017 Energy Materials 201 TMS worked with eight North and South American materials societies to organize the third installment of the Pan American Materials Congress, as well as with the Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) to develop the second installment of the Energy Materials conference. Both meetings will be held as part of the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, February 26–March 2, in San Diego, California. TMS and CSM also developed plans for the 2nd International Conference on Computational Design and Simulation of Materials, which TMS will host in 2018. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION TMS continued its work to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all of its members, both through our own activities and within the professions we serve. TMS prepared for the 2nd Summit on Diversity in the IN THE MINERALS, METALS, AND Minerals, Metals, and MateMATERIALS PROFESSIONS (DMMM2) rials Professions (DMMM2), held July 2016, and sought applicants for the inaugural Frank Crossley Diversity Award, which recognizes an individual who has overcome adversity to pursue a career in minerals, metals, and/or materials. JO JANUARY2015 jom.tms.org Applying Materials Science and Engineering PIONEERINDIVERSITY:Kathle nLonsdale,Crystalographer TMS launched the JOM Pioneers in Di versity series, an ongoing project of the TMS Diversity Committee that raises awareness and celebrates the accomplishments of those who have made in Through the TMS Foundation, young professionals and students—who might not otherwise have the budget for travel and professional development—are welcomed into the Society and given the chance to fully participate in TMS activities. In 2015, 44 students travel grants distributed by the TMS Foundation, and 44 young professionals participated in programs that opened up networking and career development opportunities for these future leaders of our professions. REINFORCING OUR STRENGTHS Enabling quality technical exchange among our members to advance science and technology is central to our work as a professional society. In particular, TMS focused its attention on the following strategic technical areas and audiences in 2015. TMS worked to advance materials solutions for energy and environmental challenges. The TMS Middle East—Mediterranean Materials Congress on Energy and Infrastructure Systems (MEMA 2015), held in Doha, Qatar, in January 2015, established collaboration among materials researchers in the Middle East and Mediterranean region and the rest of the world. TMS launched the quarterly Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy in March 2015 volume year. MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING INNOVATION advocate for materials and manufacturing innovation. The 1st TMS Summit on Integrated Manufacturing and Materials Innovations was held November 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event featured keynote talks, interactive panel discussions, and more than 50 technical presentations. Modeling Across Scales: ARoadmappingStudyforConnecting MaterialsModelsandSimulations AcrossLengthandTimeScales AStudyOrganizedbyTheMinerals,Metals&MaterialsSociety During the Society’s 3rd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2015), TMS released Modeling Across Scales: A Roadmapping Study for Connecting Materials Models and Simulations Across Length and Time Scales. TMS introduced the ad hoc Additive Manufacturing Manufacturing became a permanent committee in 2016. INCREASED INDUSTRIAL ENGAGEMENT Approximately 40% of TMS members work in industry. Identifying a need for increased professional development opportunities for these industrial members, TMS ment events in 2015. An ad hoc Professional Development Committee provided strategic leadership to guide this expansion. 2015. Three focused on primary aluminum production, one on additive manufacturing, and one on preparing for the Professional Registration (PE) exam. OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS Patrice E.A. Turchi 2015 TMS President, Group Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory OFFICERS Patrice E.A. Turchi, President Stanley M. Howard, Vice President Hani Henein, Past President Joy Forsmark, Financial James J. Robinson, Executive Director (nonvoting) FUNCTIONAL AREA DIRECTORS Eric N. Brown, Content Development and Dissemination Amy J. Clarke, Membership & Student Development , Professional Development OUR MEMBERS membership has grown by 1,460 members. James J. Robinson TMS Executive Director Srinivas Chada, Programming Edward D. Herderick, Public TECHNICAL DIVISION DIRECTORS Mark Schlesinger, Extraction & Processing Division Roger Narayan, Functional Materials Division David H. DeYoung, Light Metals Division James C. Foley, Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division Rajiv S. Mishra, Structural Materials Division OUR ANNUAL MEETING & EXHIBITION The TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition is the central meeting place for the TMS community. TMS2015, held March 15–19, 2015 in Orlando, Florida, was the fourth best-attended meeting of the millennium, with: 2015 Operating Revenues by Program Area REVENUE Membership Editorial, Content & Communications Events, Programs & Sales Contracts & Grants Volunteer Support Executive/Operations TOTAL REVENUES EXPENSES Membership Contracts & Grants Volunteer Support Executive/Operations TOTAL EXPENSES Editorial, Content & Communications Events, Programs & Sales EXCESS OPERATIONS REVENUE 2015 $560,255 $2,554,446 $3,873,975 $97,083 $46,802 $147,229 $7,279,790 $390,901 $1,235,124 $2,474,226 $69,836 $836,448 $193,129 2014 $572,852 $2,840,784 $3,413,881 $205,750 $42,630 $172,770 $7,248,667 $422,553 $1,145,999 $2,099,769 $84,617 $759,741 $2,206,527 $6,719,206 $529,461 2015 Operating Expenses by Program Area Years ending December 31 , 2015 and 2014

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