Points of Progress: Ten Milestones Paving the TMS Foundation’s Path to Growth

JOM, Apr 2017

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Points of Progress: Ten Milestones Paving the TMS Foundation’s Path to Growth

JOM Points of Progress: Ten Milestones Paving the TMS Foundation's Path to Growth Lynne Robinson 0 1 Garry W. Warren 0 1 Garry W. Warren 0 1 TMS Foundation 0 1 February 0 1 in San Diego. 0 1 0 Jeffrey Wadsworth, Battelle chief executive officer and president and 2000 TMS Fellow, and his wife, Geraldine McCulley Wadsworth, were honored as the TMS Foundation's newest Diamond Society members 1 Mail a Check: TMS Foundation , 5700 Corporate Drive, Suite 750, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 , USA website at www.TMSFoundation.org to learn more. Board of Trustees Chair, had a very good story to tell during the Donor Appreciation consecutive year of steady growth in contributions and donors, with $551,791 a gift from TMS, unrestricted and restricted donations, and several fundraisers. “I think we are beginning to reap the rewards from our revitalization efforts that were launched much more aware of the Foundation and the initiatives that it supports. I hope and expect that this growth will continue.” The TMS Foundation recognized a number of new honorific society members at its Donor Appreciation Dinner held during TMS2017. Pictured from left: Elizabeth Holm (Titanium Society), Carl Cady (Titanium Society), Jeffrey Wadsworth (Diamond Society), Brajendra Mishra (Titanium Society), Stanley Howard (Titanium Society), Ray Peterson (Silver Society). and David DeYoung (Silver Society.) Not pictured, but inducted into the Foundation's new Titanium Society are Joseph Defilippi, Gordon Geiger, Lionel Kimerling, Kenneth Kinsman, and William Wagstaff (deceased). headlines; the careful; impactful steps - JO While positive year-end numbers grab Foundation formally announced a target goal for its year end Annual Appeal, and it was quite an ambitious one—$100,000 in individual donations. To provide incentive TMS Foundation Board of Trustees Chair: Garry W. Warren Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama Executive Committee Representative: Stanley M. Howard Professor, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Trustees: Viola L. Acoff Associate Dean, University of Alabama Carl M. Cady Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory Hani Henein Professor, University of Alberta Edward D. Herderick Global Sales Leader, Portables NDT, GE Oil and Gas Elizabeth A. Holm Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Ray D. Peterson Director, Technology, Real Alloy David A. Shifler Program Officer Office of Naval Research Division Scholarships . Double Their Impact Through the generous support of Jeffrey president of Battelle and a 2000 TMS Fellow, TMS division scholarships have doubled in monetary value to their student recipients. Starting with awards conferred in 2018, each undergraduate division scholarship will be matched, dollar for dollar, through the Battelle Matching Scholarship Program. Additionally, every student who receives a Battelle Matching Scholarship will also receive a Battelle Materials Graduate Student Scholarship when the student continues advanced TMS Awards First . Kaufman CALPHAD Scholarship Zach Jensen, University of Wisconsinrecipient of the Kaufman CALPHAD Scholarship at TMS2017. Established through an endowment from CALPHAD and the efforts of Zi-Kui Liu, CALPHAD Inc. president and professor, The Pennsylvania State University, the scholarship recognizes the contributions of the late Lawrence “Larry” Kaufman to computational thermodynamics and its applications. Ongoing Efforts Advance . Diversity and Inclusion TMS celebrated the life and impact of to earn a Ph.D. in metallurgy and a TMS member since 1947—by organizing the 2nd Summit on Diversity in the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Professions (DMMM2) in his honor. A highlight of that event was the presentation of the inaugural TMS Frank Crossley Diversity Award to Carolyn Hansson, professor, University of Waterloo, and a 1997 TMS Fellow. Established by Jeffrey Wadsworth, and his wife, Geraldine McCulley Wadsworth, the Frank Crossley Award annually honors an individual who has “overcome personal, professional, educational, cultural or institutional adversity to pursue a career in minerals, metals, and/ or materials.” It joins the TMS Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award, also established by the Wadsworths, to highlight the examples, actions, and achievements of pioneering role models in diversity as a means of inspiring others in their career journeys, while motivating action to create a more inclusive professional community. The TMS Community . Celebrates Julia and Johannes Weertman Julia and Johannes Weertman have touched the lives of countless students and professionals through their generosity of spirit and intellect. They have also both knowledge of physical metallurgy and recognition of materials science and engineering as a discipline. Along with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Northwestern University, a group of more than 40 colleagues and friends of the Weertmans offered a lasting gesture of thanks by establishing a fund to rename and enhance the TMS Educator Award in their honor. Starting in 2018, the Julia and Johannes Weertman Educator Award will now include a medallion, a TMS annual meeting registration waiver, and a $1,500 stipend for travel to the TMS annual meeting where the recipient will accept the award. New Award Honors the . Legacy of Oleg D. Sherby ultrahigh carbon steels, Oleg Sherby was able to reclaim a piece of metallurgy’s past—the art of forging Damascus steel and other ancient weapons. Jeffrey Wadsworth collaborated with Sherby on much of this work in a partnership that started when Wadsworth was a postdoctoral researcher with Sherby at Stanford University. To honor his mentor and friend, Wadsworth established a fund to support the new Oleg D. Sherby Award with the intent of recognizing individuals who are building on impact on the understanding of the behavior of materials at high temperature. Recipients will receive a medal and $5,000 cash prize. TMS 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, March 11–15, in Phoenix, Arizona. Precious Metals Recognize . Precious Donors The TMS Foundation welcomed and Titanium Society at the TMS Foundation Donor Appreciation Dinner at TMS2017. giving society recognizes donors with lifetime contributions totaling $10,000 to $19,999. Another new donor recognition opportunity is the TMS Foundation Platinum Society, which honors those making lifetime contributions totaling $50,000 to $99,999. Diamond Society Adds . New Member Jeffrey Wadsworth and Geraldine McCulley Wadsworth are familiar names on this list. Their commitment to supporting an array of TMS initiatives through the TMS Foundation was formally recognized with their induction into the Diamond Society, the Foundation’s contributing $100,000 more over a lifetime. They join Martin and Lucinda Glicksman, the Foundation’s inaugural Diamond Society members. New Leadership Joins . Board of Trustees “One of the most important things that the TMS Foundation Board of Trustees can do is to ask members to serve who are recognized and highly regarded by our TMS community,” commented Garry Warren. He noted that the Board’s newest trustees— Ray D. Peterson, Director, Technology, Real Alloy and Viola L. Acoff, associate dean for undergraduate and graduate programs, The University of Alabama College of Engineering— are exceptionally for this responsibility. (See sidebar article.) “Serving on the Board requires time and dedication and both Ray and Viola have demonstrated that they care about TMS and the Foundation and are willing to give their full support to our work,” Warren said. The TMS Foundation . Family Is Growing—A Lot A few short years ago, the list of annual donors to the TMS Foundation couldn’t JOM. With the 2016 TMS Foundation Honor Roll presented on the following pages of this article, it’s clear that support for the Foundation is following a strong, clear growth pattern. Warren is pleased with the progress and appreciative of the commitment that the TMS membership has shown to the Foundation’s continued success. He also acknowledges that there is still a great deal of work ahead. “We have now put our fundraising efforts on a good path,” he said, “but I think our greatest challenge is to keep our foot on the accelerator and not to become complacent.” Stanley Howard (left), 2016 TMS President and TMS Foundation Trustee, receives his commemorative pin and thanks for being inducted into the Foundation’s new Titanium Society from Garry Warren (right), TMS Foundation Board of Trustees Chair and 2011 TMS President. Antoine Allanore (center) 2011 Extraction & Processing Division Young Leader Professional Development Award recipient, spoke at the TMS2017 Donor Appreciation Dinner about the impact that the Foundation has made on his career. The TMS Foundation is fortunate that some of TMS’s most distinguished leaders are so deeply committed to its growth and ongoing service to the professional community. Pictured at the TMS2017 Donor Appreciation Dinner are (from left): Elizabeth A. Holm, 2013 TMS President and TMS Foundation Trustee (Titanium Society); Martin E. Glicksman, 1994 TMS Fellow and inaugural TMS Foundation Diamond Society member; Hani Henein, 2014 TMS President and TMS Foundation Trustee (Silver Society). The 2016 TMS Foundation Honor Roll The TMS Foundation thanks the following TMS members and friends for their generous support in 2016. Their gifts are critical to the success of current and future TMS Foundation programs, including Lifetime Giving Honorific Societies Diamond Society ($100,000 or more) Martin E. and Lucinda Glicksman Jeffrey Wadsworth and Geraldine McCulley Wadsworth Platinum Society ($50,000 to $99,999) New in 2016. Future members to come. Gold Society ($20,000 to $49,999) Diran and Seta Apelian Om P. Arora (deceased) Rob and Robyn Wagoner Garry W. Warren student scholarships and professional development support of early career minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers. To secure your place on the 2017 TMS Foundation Honor Roll, visit Titanium Society ($10,000 to $19,999) Carl M. Cady Gordon H. Geiger Elizabeth Holm and David Crockett Stan and Carol Howard Lionel and Linda Kimerling Kenneth R. Kinsman Brajendra and Deepa Mishra William G. Wagstaff (deceased) Silver Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Viola L. Acoff Cynthia K. Belt David and Joan DeYoung www.TMSFoundation.org to make an online donation. Contact Mary Samsa, TMS Foundation & Public Affairs Manager at msamsa@tms .org with questions or for information on additional donation options. Hani Henein Edward D. and Michelle A. Herderick Gregory and Joy Hildeman Marc A. Meyers Ronald E. Miller Harold W. Paxton Ray D. Peterson James and Lynne Robinson Alexander and Angela Scott Pond Sr. King-Ning Tu Patrice and Michèle Turchi Frank E. Wagstaff Robert B. Wagstaff TMS Foundation Welcomes New Trustees Ray D. Peterson Viola L. Acoff Ray D. Peterson, Director, Technology, Real Alloy and Viola L. Acoff, associate dean for undergraduate and graduate programs, The University of Alabama College of Engineering, were officially installed as the newest members of the TMS Foundation’s Board of Trustees at the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The 2009 TMS President, Peterson noted that he is pleased to be part of the “new energy within the Foundation” and is looking forward to helping it achieve its goals. “For many years, the Foundation had been operating at a low level, but recently the amount of energy being put into the Foundation and the results produced have skyrocketed,” he said. “I want to see the Foundation succeed, because I believe in the Foundation’ s goals of helping students and young professionals.” “Until recently, many TMS members were not aware of the Foundation. There still may be some members who are not aware of what we are trying to accomplish,” Peterson continued. “I want to help get the word out to our members so that each of them can contribute in whatever way they can.” “We have all personally benefitted from our professional life and our affiliation with TMS,” Peterson further commented. “I believe it is critical that we help our younger members just as we were helped earlier in our careers. The Foundation gives us a method to easily support our younger members through the programs it sponsors. Acoff notes that she can speak from experience about the value of supporting the TMS Foundation’s programs that support early career professionals. “The TMS Foundation has played a significant role in my development since the start of my career,” she said. “Nearly 20 years ago, I was selected as one of the TMS Young Leaders Interns (now Young Leaders Professional Development Award.). This gave me the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of TMS and the opportunities the TMS Foundation provides for students and professionals in the minerals, metals, and materials field. Since that time, I have seen my students receive various TMS scholarships, travel grants, and awards for best poster and best paper, all of which were made possible by the TMS Foundation.” “I also that think it is awesome that the TMS Foundation supports awards that recognize TMS members who play a vital role in increasing diversity and inclusion in the minerals, metals, and materials field,” commented Acoff, who is the inaugural Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award recipient. “Serving on the TMS Foundation Board of Trustees is a way for me to pay forward the benefits I received from the TMS Foundation.” “I am looking forward to introducing others to the wonderful opportunities that are provided by the TMS Foundation so that they will be compelled, just as I was, to give to it.” 2016 Annual Donors Andrea Holland Joins the Foundation Team William P. Imrie Derk Joester Sandra Kaufman in memory of Larry Kaufman Peter L. Kern Carl C. Koch Carlos G. Levi John J. Lewandowski James M. Lommel Jyotirmoy Mazumder Terry R. McNelley Thomas W. Montemarano Neville R. Moody John W. Morris Jr. Benjamin Morrow and Clarissa Yablinsky Jagdish Narayan Eric A. Nyberg Susumu Okabe Elsa Olivetti Matthew G. Osborne Uday Bhanu Pal Eun Soo Park Michael W. Perkins Norbert L. Piret Robert A. Rapp Ramana G. Reddy David G. Robertson James Rondinelli Herman S. Rosenbaum Justin and Erin Scott James L. Smialek Raymond L. Smith Douglas Spearot Joseph Tunick Strauss Dilip K. Subramanyam Masao Suzuki Dan J. Thoma Arthur P. Turner Pello Uranga Dirk E. Verhulst Richard M. Waterstrat Julia and Johannes Weertman Jean M. Winterbottom in memory of Walter Winterbottom Yuntian T. Zhu Be a Part of the TMS Foundation Success Story Donate Online: Visit www.TMSFoundation.org/ Contribute. Employer Match: Register The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society for an employer match with your company. TMS (EIN #: 25-1484913) is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Give Us a Call: Contact Mary Samsa, TMS Foundation & Public Affairs Manager at 724-814-3130 or for information on donation options or to donate by phone.

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