President's Corner

NASIG Newsletter, Aug 2017

By Steve Oberg, Published on 09/01/17

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President's Corner

President's Corner Steve Oberg It's all about relationships. That's one way to summarize the strengths and benefits of NASIG. As I step back into the role of president again after nineteen years, and following the great work of Anna Creech as president last year, I'm reminded of how much I owe to NASIG. It's where I got my start as a student grant award winner back in 1991, and it's been my professional home ever since. Wherever I go in our profession, literally and figuratively, I meet up with people I came to know through NASIG. The relationships fostered by our organization are deep and wide and meaningful. For example, it was an emotional moment when Anna formally handed over the reins to me at the end of the Indianapolis conference, and we talked about the value of our friendship and how we got to know each other through NASIG. - Board members, and many of you in various committees, have had quite a busy summer following an excellent conference in Indianapolis. Although we had hoped for more attendees, the conference was filled with great content, events, and networking. I am really pleased that vision session recordings were made available shortly afterward. I was struck again by the ways in which NASIG continues to stretch and broaden conference attendees' horizons with its speaker choices. From talking about the fascinating and troubling history of comics librarianship, to considering what we need to do to be sure that no one is left behind in our race to the future, to learning about the benefits of FAIR data stewardship and semantic publishing, I came away from the event with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. The 2017/2018 year is off to a great start with important things happening, many of which you'll read about here in the newsletter. I hope you'll be excited by the planning underway for next year's annual conference in Atlanta as reported by Conference Planning Committee folks. A great theme -"Transforming the Information Community" -- has been chosen for that conference, which builds on NASIG's byline adopted a few years ago. Recently, several task forces completed very important work that benefits us all. The Scholarly Communications Core Competencies Task Force, ably led by Andy Wesolek at Clemson, submitted its final draft. The board formally approved it with appreciation and this document joins other highly regarded core competencies documents for electronic resources librarians and print serials management on Another task force worked very hard last year to draft a brand new strategic plan for NASIG which the board formally approved over the summer as well. Thank you to members of that group led by Joyce Tenney for providing us with a blueprint for the next five years! The new strategic plan emphasizes five strategic directions: • Revitalize our marketing approach to reflect our new mission and vision; • Expand student outreach and mentoring; • Find the optimum balance between paid staff and volunteer work; • Be involved in creating new content to add to the body of scholarly work; • Work to enhance benefits for commercial vendors, in addition to benefits for our other members. Relating to one of those strategic directions, the board voted to rename and enhance the publicist role. I am pleased that Eugenia Beh, former board member-atlarge, has agreed to take on the newly redefined marketing & social media coordinator role, which now has an ex officio position on the board similar to the Newsletter editor-in-chief. One of Eugenia's first tasks is to implement recommendations from a marketing action plan crafted by Non-Profit Help, and she's already hard at work developing a timeline for marketing activities for our conference. Another strategic direction is to expand student outreach and that is precisely what is already well underway with the successful launch of our new student mentoring initiative by the Student Outreach Committee at the Indianapolis conference. Finally, I'd like to highlight the extensive work done over the past few months by the newly renamed Communications Committee (originally known as the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) but more recently named the Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC)). This time of year is always challenging due to the changeover of committees and the start of the new NASIG year. They've coped admirably! That also reminds me to mention one more task force, the Web-Based Infrastructure Task Force, whose final report will be ready by the fall board meeting (scheduled for the end of September). Based on that report, we will consider some far-reaching and significant changes to improve how we present ourselves externally as well as how we can improve the behind-the-scenes work of the organization.

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