A Vase of Plum Flowers by Tan Yuanchun

Transference, Aug 2013

Translated from the Chinese by Andrew Gudgel.

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A Vase of Plum Flowers by Tan Yuanchun

A Vase of Plum Flowers by Tan Yuanchun Follow this and additional works at: http://scholarworks.wmich.edu/transference Part of the East Asian Languages and Societies Commons, and the Poetry Commons Recommended Citation Andrew Gudgel A Vase of Plum Flowers In the vase for ten days already, My worries fall away when, fortunately, they open late. No need to borrow the east wind to force them, Or bully them with nighttime rain. Their fragrance comes in silence, Their charm in quiet hours. More beautiful even than the trees on the mountains, For tourists know nothing of these. Andrew Gudgel The Green Wutong Tree The shade of the green wutong hides my study, Branches a hundred feet high would entice even a phoenix. The new jade leaves float like a curtain of green, Luxuriant shadows, deep cover and a smell like incense. The cool that comes feels like a basket of early Autumn, The leaves drop in a silver bed that sparkles with dew. Though the eastern courtyard catches the morning sun, Down by the roots it's dark, like standing beside a towering mountain. TRANSFERENCE Zhu Heling 碧梧

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Andrew Gudgel. A Vase of Plum Flowers by Tan Yuanchun, Transference, 2013,