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Wayne State University, Aug 2018

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Back Matter CSR Editors Recommended Citation - New York • London • Moscow SOCIOLOGICAL PRACTICE A Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology Official Journal of the Sociological Practice Association EDITOR: John G. Bruhn ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Valerie Malhotra Bentz BOOK REVIEW EDITOR: Bob Silverman Sociological practice is an integrative concept that brings together complementary and distinctive traditions: applied sociology and clinical sociology. The former has been identified with research, the latter with intervention. During the last five decades operatives in each tradition have stepped into the domain of the other; the unification of research and intervention expresses itself as sociological practice. The role of the sociological practitioner is expanding for sociologists who wish to work on multiple levels of human systems: personal, group, organizational, and community. The 21st century will welcome adaptive sociologists who possess the tools sought from an increasingly sophisticated public. The journal will inform readers about these tools and help prepare them for the challenges posed in the new millennium. Sociological Practice: A Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology is a new mutidisciplinary journal devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed articles that report on sociological concepts in situations of intervention and research for human systems change. Its primary mission is to firmly establish a sociological body of knowledge that is thought provoking and useful. Each issue will contain cutting-edge information with implications for sociological practice work; readers will find its contents illuminating in their professional and daily lives. Submissions and inquiries about the journal should be directed to the Editor: John G. Bruhn, Provost and Dean, Penn State Harrisburg, 777 West Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057-4898. Plenum Publishing Corporation • 233 Spring Street, New York, NewYork 10013-1578 Tel: (212) 620-8000 • Fax: (212) 463-0742 • E-mail info@plenum com Guidelines for Authors Sociological Practice: A Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology is published quarterly by Plenum press in association with the Sociological Practice Association. Abstracts of all articles appear in Sociological Abstracts. Sociological Practice: A Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology publishes articles, essays, and research reports concerned with how clinical practice at the individual, small group, organization, or social system level contributes to the development of theory, how theory may be used to bring about change and research which tests or extends theory. Articles may also be oriented to the teaching of clinical and applied sociology. Shorter articles discussing teaching techniques, practice concepts or techniques, or research methods and issues may be submitted as a Note. The manuscripts should follow the latest American Sociological association style guidelines, including reference style, and should include an abstract of 100-150 words along with 4-5 key words for indexing at the end of the abstract. Suggested length for full length manuscripts is 20 typed pages (8" x 11" paper) double spaced with running heads on each page. There is a $15.00 processing fee which is waived for members of the Sociological Practice Association. Send the original and 3 copies with an IBM compatible disc (Wordperfect 7.0 preferably) to the editor, John G. Bruhn, Provost and Dean, Penn State Harrisburg, 777 W. Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, PA 17057; (717) 948-6105; e-mail . All submissions are peer-reviewed. Tables and illustrations should be on separate sheets of paper, one to a page, double-spaced, including all headings and should have a descriptive title. Each table should be numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals and placed at the end of the manuscript. For line artwork, submit black ink drawings, high contrast glossy photographs or laser proofs. On the back of each illustration give its number, author's name, and the indication of "top". A separate sheet listing the legends of tables and illustrations should be typed double spaced and included at the end of manuscript. Books for review should be sent directly to the book review editor: Bob Silverman, 5604 Capelstone Lane, Dublin, OH 43017, Phone 614-889-0678; Fax 614-798-9883; e-mail <rsilverman> Subscription and membership inquires about the Sociological Practice Association should be sent directly to the Administrative Officer: Richard T. Bedea, Sociological Practice Association, Division of Social Sciences, Anne Arundel Community College, 101College Parkway, Arnold, MD 21012; phone (410) 541-2835; fax (410) 541-2239; e-mail<> CLINICAL SOCIOLOGY REVIEW The following back issues of the Clinical Sociology Review are available from: Richard T. Bedea Administrative Officer Sociological Practice Association Anne Arundel Community College 101 College Parkway Arnold, Maryland 21012 Volume Quantity Cost 2 Phone: Fax: E-mail: Cost: $ 16.50 per volume for individuals plus a shipping fee $25.50 per volume for institutions plus a shipping fee $3.00 domestic shipping fee $8.00 foreign shipping fee K E N D A L L / H U N T P U B L I S H I N G COMPANY 4050 W e s t m a r k D r i v e D u b u q u o , I o w a 5 2 0 0 2

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