Editor's Preface

Wayne State University, Aug 2018

John G. Bruhn

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Editor's Preface

Editor 's Preface John G. Bruhn Penn State Harrisburg Follow this and additional works at: http://digitalcommons.wayne.edu/csr Part of the Sociology Commons Recommended Citation - Article 2 Editor's Preface This is the final issue of the Clinical Sociology Review. But this is good news as Plenum Publishing Corporation has agreed to publish a new quarterly journal, beginning in March, 1999, called Sociological Practice: A Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology. The field of clinical sociology or sociological practice is gaining a greater audience and more advocates as sociologists intervene to prevent, solve, or ameliorate social problems at many levels in our society. In addition, the links between practicing sociology and applying sociological theory and methods to study how to create and direct change, and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, seem not only reasonable, but useful to practicing and applied sociologists, hence the name of the new journal. The new journal will continue to publish peer reviewed articles which describe, report, compare, or evaluate clinical interventions as well as articles which report research data and findings pertinent to sociological problems that warrant intervention or analysis. The tradition of including book reviews, practice notes and teaching notes will continue as space permits in the new journal. With a quarterly journal there will also be the opportunity for guest editors to invite authors for special issues. The increased frequency and international audience for this new journal are certain to help the Sociological Practice Association and its work flourish. We welcome your contributions and ideas as we undertake this exciting venture. Because of the need to assemble the first few issues of the new journal while also putting together a final issue of the CSR, this issue of CSR is somewhat smaller in size than prior issues. We debated not having a Volume 16 of CSR and going directly to the first issue of the new journal, but we felt there was too great a hiatus in scholarly contributions without a final issue of Vll viii CLINICAL SOCIOLOGY REVIEW / 1998 CSR, and we felt the membership expected a CSR for 1998. While smaller in size than previous CSR's, I am sure you will find the articles selected by peer review to be interesting and challenging. The articles represent a spectrum of issues and represent a sampling of the range of interests of clinicians and applied sociologists. I would like to thank the many editors, editorial board members, contributors, and reviewers of past issues of CSR for creating and maintaining an annual journal of clinical sociology that has helped stimulate the level of interest and momentum leading to the birth of a new quarterly journal. Over the past sixteen years clinical sociology has taken root in many countries outside of the United States and academic programs specializing in clinical sociology have grown. These are signs of a vibrant future for the field. At the end of this volume you will find an announcement about the new journal and where to continue to send your contributions. If you are not a current member of the Sociological Practice Association we welcome your membership. Please contact Richard Bedea, Administrative Office of the SPA, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, Maryland 21012. John G. Bruhn, Ph.D. Editor

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